being posted there, does anybody know what the accomodation will be like for a tech lcpl, is it z type there? cheers in advance guys
Z Type you having a laugh fella!!!!. Oh and by the way 16 are off on tour in Feb so make sure you pop into the QM's when you arrive and pick up yr dezzies.
You will have your own room, but they are very small.

Z type wont happen as Bruggen is due to close in the next 5 years or so.
the rooms are small as HTB as said but they do have there own hot and cold running toilet in them, the fitted wardrobes if some mutter flicker has not kicked the doors off do take up a lot of floor space ??? there is a communial room where you can and go and eat your crisps and drink your coke and have a game on the playstation?????


cheers guys so there not that bad then, as long as you get your own room then im happy! anything has got to be better than blandford tho eh!

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