16 Sigs

How the hell is 16 these days? Left there in '93 was a good posting when it was at Krefeld & JHQ, i was 1sqn JHQ.....Happy days.


Which block you in? when i was at 21, we were Block 52, 2nd from the naafi, the one with the wooden furniture and brick built bar b q at the back !!! we put that there.

Is the bar still in 1 hanger upstairs? was called the frog and radiator.
16 Sig. Regt. is now based at Elmpt Station near the Dutch border! What a shame! JHQ is much closer to MG! Saves u some taxi money :lol:
i know.

Forget MG, go to Roermond just over the border. - the first juction you come to at the end of the cross border road is known as "BFG Corner" trust me, Roermond is where the honeys are at. sit outside the pub called "tramhalte" and theres a menu on the wall just behind the door, theres all the different beers they sell - start top left colum and try to get to bottor right. the women wander by in their hundreds...when the weather is good and make sure u are there for carnival too...all the dutch get drunk and inhibitions go out the window. weekends we used to spend them on the shores of the lakes in Roermond, all the dutch go naked swimming....

Many a happy year at Bruggen Or Javlin Bks as its now called. (was 21 Sig Regt (Air Support) - our troop lines were in 1 hangar upstairs.)

go to the back of Brk Block 52 (its one of the H blocks) and look round the back...theres our old brick bar b q.

Cheers Rincewind, will check out your old place at Block 52 soon!

To Roemond, think my lovely german lady wouldn't be delighted about that.
Only one German lady! Bad show, old bean, have the servin wenches by the dozen.
Poor Effort - god i know some top totty watering holes withing 30 min of that place i would give my right arm to be back there now. i could be the duty driver and show you lads where to have a good time.


PS we (Hotel Tp, 220 Sig Sqn, 21Sig regt (AS)) had a bar so fine - it was the envy of the base...the ruperts used to borrow it from time to time as it was just like a real pub, draught beer, pool table, darts, proper pub seating, and even a pub sign outside and it was called "the frog and radiator".... dont suppose its still there?
the old H troop bar is still there,but not in the hands of the sigs any more.the REME have taken over(like they are the rest of the hanger).

the bar to go to now is the old movers bar.
sweet, many a good night in there, they always had the "new fad drinks" first time i had hooch was in there - fuggin crate of it each, we were totalled. fell asleep on the railway track opposite.!

Now they have a Bristro and Pay as you Dine - a success or what :D

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