16 Sigs Regt KIA 120808 Afghanistan.

RIP fella, speedy recovery to the injured.

Will raise a glass in the Mess in Bruggen tomorrow.
Bad, bad thing.

RIP and my best wishes to the injured for a speedy recovery and return to duty.
Rest In Peace fella, my condolences to family and friends. Wishing a speedy recovery to those injured

Rest in Piece dude - Best wishes to those injured, speedy recovery wished for.
RIP fella, get well soon to the injured. Condolences to the family.
Deepest condolences to the friends and families. 16SR were/are almost finished with this tour and from my limited perspective they had done a good job. It is especially sad that this has happened so close to the end.

Incidents like this beg that question, what were Signallers doing on vehicle patrol in Kabul? Surely we are not so over manned that units are volunteering tradesmen to perform tasks for which they have not the full training or experience? Maybe I have the wrong perspective and all that “solider-first” stuff they ban on about at CLM is true.
RIP fella.

Hope your in a peaceful place - p1ssed as a fart, cause no doubt you deserve it!

Speedy recovery for the other lads as well.

A soldier stood at the pearly gate,
His face was scarred and old.
He stood before the man of fate
For admission to the fold

'What have you done,' St Peter asked,
'To gain admission here?'
'Ive been a soldier, sir,' he said,
'For many and many a year.'

The pearly gate swung open wide
As Peter touched the bell.
'Inside', he said, 'and choose your harp.
You've had your share of hell.'
Stand Easy, Sleep well the eternal sleep.

Has a name been released yet?

16 SR was my 1st Working unit from the factory back in 1993, was one of my best postings.
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