16 Sigs Morale

Behaviour related to morale state?

  • Without question...when treated like animals, people act like them

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  • Without question...when treated like children, people act like children

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  • No the CO and RSM are lovely blokes and I love them

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After yet another friday night 'incident' involving 16 SR...I ask the question, is the behaviour of a Regiment directly related to it's Morale State?
Are we talking about a real incident here, something worthy of sqn bar discussion, or did someone just forget to change the tapes in the gp3 servers? Go on wibble, whats gone on?
Thanks for the free publicity dude!

There were two incidents at the weekend....one in Shannons and the other downtown Roermond, both involving the 'letting off of steam'
Is this a genuine problem at 16?

I'm sure if you asked most people at most units what their morale was like you would get a pretty similar answer... eg. it's sh1te here, wish I was at [insert different unit/civvy street]

A few downtown incidents don't make a morale crisis. Is there something a bit deeper us UK boys don't know about?

Me and my mate would like to take the opportunity to salute the good work you are doing, to promote a better standard of living and a decent working environment for us all.

Im sure your efforts are appreciated by not only those poor unfortunates in your unit, but by all the IS Ops of the Corps specifically the DS1 fraternity for whom you do such a service as their spokesperson.

One can only hope that you will have your potential justifiably recognised.

Im sure that when you are not tapping away at your key board you are actively crusading to give your comrades some direction and doing your bit to raise morale.

Thank you again. :)
Do you run any clubs for the lads to get involved with, to give them an alternative to going down town and getting drunk? Do you offer the young lads any guidance about how you used to cope with things when you were in their shoes? Maybe you could start a church group for the boys so they could avoid the pitfalls of strong alcohol, you could sing songs about the time when you were a lad, and the RSM used to Jolly you all along and cater for your every whim and need. What a fine Regiment that was! And what a CO he used to give you an O even if you couldn’t do your job, just to cheer you up.

I believe a very famous British General once said that “discipline is a rabble rousers shout away from anarchy” I think you should stop shouting you rabble rouser!!
Liberty and whatsup...such jolly jeeps! And I certainly do work towards increasing morale within CIS....erm, with the exception of some individuals :lol:
A wise man once told me:

'Anyone who blames all their woes on their Boss is missing a trick. If your boss is really that bad then you should stop whining about it, watch him carefully thinking "I'm not gonna do that when I'm in his shoes" and work your nuts off to make the best of a bad job.'

Makes sense to me...
You ask if poor discipline is relative to the morale at a particular Unit, I ask whether you personally do anything to improve morale, you indicate that you in some small way attempt to raise morale, but only to a small group, and even then you target specific soldiers that are not worthy of your time or effort.
That could have an effect on morale don’t you think?

In answer to your question, discipline is not relative to morale or we wouldn’t laugh at the General who said “The floggings will continue until morale improves”

I believe morale is very good actually considering the strains we as a Troop are under - I suggest you are taken to one side given a good Rogering then given a long smoke brake old chap.

Lets stop focusing on the negative but more on the positive and make this work - after all life is far too short to worry about the small things in life. :p


What's this morale thing? Have I been issued any? Someone said it will soon be on your 1157 with your webbing!
WFB old chap sorry to chase you around but you do set yourself up for it. :oops:

Seems to me that you come across as someone with some sort of badge of rank which implies some leadership qualities. :lol:

If this is the case then don't hide behind your handle on this site and take pot shots at the CO. Mosey on down to RHQ and make an appointment to see him. He will be interested to hear what you've got to say about morale and why it may be low. Blow me he may even listen to you...that is if you have the moral courage to put your head above the parapet. :roll:

:idea: Be counted and exercise some of that leadership which people like the CO have recognised you for in the past
Blow me he may even listen to you
I like the sound of that post, but if blowing you is the price to pay for getting things done, i doubt wibble is going to take you up on it :wink:

Old Bloke

Bang up to date I see, the CO is an old Welbexian, never been near any trade training. Perhaps you are getting confused with previous CO 7 who is an ex tech and is now Col MCM and a jolly fine chap he is too.

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