16 Sigs Morale

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by wibblefishbanana, Sep 27, 2003.

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  1. Without question...when treated like animals, people act like them

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  2. Without question...when treated like children, people act like children

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  1. After yet another friday night 'incident' involving 16 SR...I ask the question, is the behaviour of a Regiment directly related to it's Morale State?
  2. Is it just me is there an echo on this board?
  3. Just in case you look at the wrong one

    Do you run any clubs for the lads to get involved with, to give them an alternative to going down town and getting drunk? Do you offer the young lads any guidance about how you used to cope with things when you were in their shoes? Maybe you could start a church group for the boys so they could avoid the pitfalls of strong alcohol, you could sing songs about the time when you were a lad, and the RSM used to Jolly you all along and cater for your every whim and need. What a fine Regiment that was! And what a CO he used to give you an O even if you couldn’t do your job, just to cheer you up.

    I believe a very famous British General once said that “discipline is a rabble rousers shout away from anarchy” I think you should stop shouting you rabble rouser!!
  4. I know I'm a bit of a sh1tstirrer - but I trawled (not trolled :p) for a real old thread to see what tosh was being said a while back.

    I thought I'd resurrect this thread at random, cos it dawned on me that the 16 Sigs bitchfest seems to have been healed. That sounds like great news, how's things there these days. It would see to suggest that the whole hierarchy has probably changed in that 2 yrs since someone last posted in this thread. Have you still got all them DS2 blokes there?
  5. Edit by GCO as name given in post.


    Deleted the rest of the post as well because it was utter sh!te.
  6. That'll be a psudoname then? As it's supposed to be 'no names' on ARRSE isn't it?
  8. Ah, D_D on patrol.

    Given the libel potential, perhaps you'd be better to delete or edit?
  9. I always let someone do it for themself mate - I'm not a Nazi - it's a learning thing mate. ;)

    Thanks for noticing me though - I'm the chap who hands out the oranges to the real workers.....
  10. Ermm... soz about that last post. Valuable lesson learned is always log off. Guess someone ut here has some grudges, lol.
  11. You are most likely spouting that sh1te at work as well.

    It wont take too much effort to put 2 and 2 together and work out your arrse ID.

    Always remember to engage brain before posting.
  12. Ah that old one. Just stick with i was drunk its a much more credible excuse for talking bollocks.