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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Army_Rizzle, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. Anyone at 16 PM me the FOE for 2013?
  2. Highly unlikely, as its a restricted document
  3. You can probably scratch in Christmas Day on onthe 25th of December.
  4. and a few NLD ops...
  5. Not the actual FOE document, just a rundown on whats going on next year. I'm posted there in March but am on leave and the wife is looking at holidays :/
  6. Phone them up... specifically your department. They know you're coming (or should do) as you've sent your your letter of introduction, yes?

    Could be good time to tell them about yourself, your aspirations etc. You could even be getting loaded on to courses for March.

    Go wild and ask them what the leave policy is?
  7. Should it be? Really? Or is it just marked Restricted because the originator hasn't thought about it or is covering his or her arrse? The events within it are (or probably should be) common knowledge among those associated with the Regiment (including contractors, casual civilian staff, families, and anyone passing squadron noticeboards) so they can do their jobs/plan their lives.

    Isn't it a bit silly to say the planned dates of sports days, squadron adventure training, deployment on exercises and so on are more sensitive than the sort of stuff that's published by MOD on the web?

  8. It's one thing sending the FOE to someone on DII, but to send it to a stranger on an open internet forum?

    I would say that the planned dates for a Sqn to deploy on exercise would be quite handy to someone who has a grudge against the military and might decide to try and plan something, especially when it's for next year so could provide them with plenty of time for planning etc.
  9. Hmm. If that's what you think then you'd better prepare yourself for a bit of a shock when details of the recent review of government protective marking come out. The gist is that we've been wasting resources protecting stuff that actually doesn't matter, at the expense of stuff that actually does. And in the meantime we've made our IT so hard to use that staff end up using their personal email accounts anyway. Good luck with trying to justify keeping something that's on public notice boards in what should be a locked cupboard or drawer at present.

    For my part I'd prefer spending two minutes modifying a FOE so that it could be accessible to all who might need the information on it without compromising anything that's genuinely sensitive. It's what I did over 25 or so years in command appointments, but hey, perhaps everything really is more sensitive now than a couple of years ago when I left. Or maybe it is just people still not thinking...
  10. 25 years ago? How did you manage that? Sellotape little cardboard flaps with 'no peeping' over the sensitive dates?
  11. To the OP. I can tell you are R Signals because the link in you sig (geddit!) does not work ;)
    Not a good advert!
  12. Oh, and you have left your (well, I presume it's yours) address on your WHOIS. Does the army know you are running a business from your quarter? Or is it a mates?

    *God I'm cranky tonight!
  13. He's REME isn't he?
  14. You tool. All those people you mention are included in RESTRICTED as it affects them and they have a need to know. As opposed to some random twat with a login to ARRSE who might not be who he/she says they are! Now FOAD,

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