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16 Sigs done really well again on the RD roster!! Arrrrrse



Firstly I just like to congratulate The two guys in the Regt that came off the Foremans and FIS board yesterday well done lads. And a special congrates goes to Fat Boy M.B at 30 Sigs (Kn0b head! beat me this time mate).

I just like to send a special thanks and fcuk you to the people who have tried really, really hard to keep 16 Sigs at the top of the list of RD appointments. Ehrrrm no I think Iv'e got that wrong way round, maybe it's the bottom. again cheers for fcuk all.

Ahh I feel better now. Right I'm off up the mess to get pissed, be bitter and twisted and sit with the tumble weed. Rant over.

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