16 Sigs bring back active edge!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by leftWrightLeft, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. Yep,

    sitting happy mit missus on Sunday afternoon and the phone rings, "you've got to come in with all SOP kit now - crash out exercise". "F-Off says I - Active Edges stopped when the wall came down; I remember my dad doing them when I was a squaddie brat!!!"

    No - it is true, 16 Sigs did their own active edge this weekend and will be on "Ex" for the next few days where we will all be pretending it is back to BAOR days - ah, the joys of the Corps.....

    Now where did I put that mini toothbrush and shaving kit that goes in the left ammo pouch??? :lol:
  2. It couldn't have been a proper active edge because;

    1. You didn't know about it.
    2. You weren't pi$$ed.
    3. You didn't pretend to be pi$$ed.
    4. You answered the phone.

    It can't be true anyway because you were called out on Sunday afternoon and your post is dated Mon Oct 17, 2005 1:44 pm!
    Then again, you could just be internetting from the field.

    Oh, times have changed!

  3. Confirm it is true. They even sent a mini bus round to the bar in Wildenrath and dragged out all the pissheads.

    Ah well, CO, train set....
  4. signals - dont you just love em'!!!
  5. Ahhmmmm :twisted: from an ex ...... at least out here you can earn lots more out here :D + in civi street and IR35 biting at your heals
  6. They are still grumbling. Gives the rest of us a laugh....
  7. Now I know that 16 are supposed to be supporting the ARRC, but today's interpretation of the word 'Rapid' in ARRC is a million miles from the interpretation of 'Rapid' in the old 1(BR) Corps days.

    Rapid in the 'west of the Rhein' sense means Days or Weeks if not months, not the hours involved in the expectant prospect of 'Ivan' rolling over the IGB heading for his sea-side paddling 'hols' in the channel ports with the whole of 3 Shock Army packing a lot more than a bucket and spade.

    There is, sorry, was no training value turning out the regiment when they weren't even supposed to be ready for immediate deployment. Apart from a huge dent in moral and the shock and awe of the wives realization that their weekends aren't sacred even when planned, whoever thought this one up should be happy in the knowledge that it's done more damage to the R Sigs reputation than a whole intake of 'Blandford Babies' spending an evening on the ARRSE Forum.
  8. :lol:
  9. what our rep as whinging kitbags who think we know everything about frontline ops regardless of our mostly limited experience and an unexplainable ability to bring bullsh*t to even the most light hearted situation?

    No thats fully intact. :twisted:
  10. Have to admit I did PMSL! Just left 16 2 months ago under the illusion that 1 Sig Bde was trying to civilianise all its assets. How wrong I was! :p
    Unfortunately, looking at the job 16 is meant to do these days, they need civvies, as anyone posted there who has any aspirations toward "soldiering" will be sorely dissapointed. However, rousting people out of their quarters (and their pits) when they're not on R1 seems insane. I'd have told them to fcuk off and got busy with the whisky quick smart. :twisted:
  11. They should civilianise the jobs - make them all part of 1 Sig Bde and dispand 16 SR - there is no need for two Regt's in Javelin in fact if you look back in history 7 SR used to be about 6 Sqns and supported the ARRC on its own - 16 SR is just there to employ a CO and RSM!!
  12. In the good old days, 7 Sigs used to be 7 Squadrons and was only half the required support for 1 (BR) Corps. 7 Sigs were the Corps Forward Regiment, 22 Sigs were the Corps Rear Regiment (4 Sqns). ARRC is still supposed to be a Corps, so what's changed?
  13. Since I've joined the corps (1999) - its been 7 & 16 Supporting HQ ARRC and 11 Sig Bde supporting the RCZ including all the little HQ's that would appear in the RCZ.

    Recently 36 and 40 have lost Euromux and moved onto UK Ops with 2 Sig Bde, leaving 33, 34 and 35 with 12 Sig Grp with Ptarmigan (who are tasked with providing only composite 1 regt to support ARRC). Obviously this has led to massive drop in potential ICS capabilty and the future upgrade of 3 TA Ptarmigan regiments to Falcon is going to be very expensive (its planned but not funded), so 22 Sigs is being reformed.
    (Above may not be 100% but I think its strange that at the same time TA are loosing units, regular units are being reformed - Its no coincidence)
  14. Not quite, Polar - Cormorant has changed the picture with respect to 11 Sig Bde's role, which is now disconnected from the ARRC except under very specific circumstances (involving an ARRC deployment within a UK JRRF structure). The reason 12 Sig Gp was formed was to remove the schizophrenic roles of 11 Bde - on the one hand towards operational level CIS in a JRRF JOA (with a deployable Netcen, 2 and 30 Sig Regts) and, on the other, delivering capability from 33, 34 and 35 Sig Regts to 1 Sig Bde for employment within the ARRC. We are well down the road of 12 Gp taking over that historical TA role from 11 Bde, and there will be further developments in the next few months - watch this space.

    The ARRC requirement for capability from 33, 34 and 35 remains, for the foreseeable future at least, and the formation of 22 doesn't change this picture: Think of 22 taking over the pre-Cormorant role of 2 Sig Regt, rather than replacing or duplicating what the TA Ptarmigan regiments do. They are complementary. The changes in 36 and 40 resulted from a combination of equipment factors (Euromux OSD in particular) and recognition that their ARRC role was questionable, at best. So while I agree it is no coincidence that a regular unit (22) is being formed as 36 and 40 undergo substantial change, because all of these factors have some connection, it is emphatically not evidence of a regular Corps conspiracy to reduce the TA.

    Best wishes