16 Sigs & Bradbury Barracks

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by uncle_vanya, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. I noticed a few posts on this Forum re: Bradbury Barracks and 16 Signal Regiment. I was posted there in 1964 after failing Morse at 224 Sig Squadron (Radio) Spec Op training.

    I was re-mustered for 'Comcen Op' training and posted out to 16 Sigs in the summer of 1964. I remember those old barrack blocks, the NAFFI bar, Cookhouse etc.

    I completed my B3 Comcen Op training and was posted straight to 28 Sigs 'Fransca Barracks' St. Tonis - Cor what a dump that was. As a naive 19 year old Squaddie, I was told that 28 Sigs back then was a 'Punishment Posting' for all the hard cases in the Royal Signals, not sure if this was true or not but there were quite a few regimental 'Piss-heads' and other 'not quite right' geezers.

    I also heard that there was various stories about Bradbury barracks such as the underground Panzer garages below the main drill square. I had been told a story that someone had actually explored these garages but had to wear a scuba outfit as these garages had been flooded. The rumour mill said that there were a number of old German Tiger Tanks still down there.

    When stationed at 28 Sigs, some of us volunteered for shifts down the 'Hole' Signal & Relay Centre below RHQ at Bradbury Barracks. I also remember storys of guys on the night shifts breaking into the Officer Mess Wine Cellars under those building. Booze being drank and half empty wine bottles being 'topped off' with Squaddies pee. I wonder if there were a few sick officers from drinking taht concoctions.

    The story about the Tiger Tanks under the main drill quare was confrmed to me in 2003 by a serving R Sigs Sergeant who siad that the Main square had collapsed due to the weight of vehicles parked there, and the old German Panzer Garages were revealed.

    When at Bradbury Barracks I also completed a Basic german Language course, so could go out to the German Pubs to ask for Beer, Wurst and Pommes Frits mit Mayo. All great fun. But many later, I see that Bradbury barracks has now closed down. the same happened to Fransisca Barracks St Tonis apparently closed down in 2004.

    Happy Days to all those Old Geezers who were at both these Regiments in and around Krefeld. :p :?

    Failed Jedi Knight, Eater of Cheese and Retired 'Certa Cito' Guy
  2. I stayed at Bradbury a few times and heard the same story, but I also heard the same thing in several other barracks in germany.
    Not sure if they were all urban myths or just told to me to help me sleep in the lonely old part of the building I was stuck in!
    I had 'heavy petting' with the C.O's daughter at 16 sigs when I went with the cadets in 1974! that was no myth :D happy days 8)
  3. Did two tours of 16, the last one in the late eighties and I have heard all the stories about flooded garages under the square, not convinced myself but stranger things have turned out to be true. My experience of ghosts there is this: In the eighties an alternate HQ (to JHQ?) was established in the cellars of block three, I was on a sleeping duty during one exercise and locked myself in the cellars for the night, just me. I woke up in the middle of the night and made out a silhouette of someone standing at the end of my camp bed. Being the roughy toughy R Relay full screw that I was, I said in my deepest scariest voice who’s that?” No reply, so I dived for the light switch, ready to defend BAOR against who knew what (or run!) There, hanging by its hood, from heating pipes running along the ceiling, , was my sleeping bag that I had hung there earlier cos it was too hot.
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  4. 7 Sigs used the old CDA as their Crypto cells for the various squadrons - spent quite some time down there myself.

    Dunno about some monstrous pit under the other part of RHQ - there was a massive Scalextric set up down there if I recall - bit dusty too!

  5. Re: Westpark - I saw some old plans of the camp when I was at 16 (85-88)...there were several ammo bunkers located on the raised area which later became a car park (near the old 25m range). I suspect that this was because the barracks were occupied by a panzer recce regt, so large quantities of ammo would be the norm.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I served there in the early 90's and had the task of cleaning out the Regt museum. I came across some survey plans by the RE after the war of some kind of bunker system behind the Officers Mess. Nothing about any tank park/garages under the square though. Also came across a picture of Hitler stood on the stairs in RHQ.
  7. I’ve been hearing stories about flooded underground bunkers and hidden rooms at Bradbury Bks since I first served there in ’87 and as far as I know it’s never been confirmed. There were some bricked up doorways in the Tech Wksps, which was located in one of the cellars, but I don’t think they were ever opened up or explored.
    I’ve heard the story about tanks under the square before but I was told years later that during the war Bradbury was home to a Panzer Grenadier Regiment so it’s unlikely that there were ever any tanks there.
  8. There are some up to date photos on the Krefeld 97-01 thread.
  9. Bradbury barracks is/was known to the locals as the Flakbarracke.
    Just found some more info!

    The former Adolf von Nassau barracks was manned by the 6th motorized recce regt* from 14 Aug 1938.

    Going to do some research on that name.

    Just found out that the barracks used to be the home of the 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards in the 1950s.


    Some good photos here.


  10. Steven,
    this link shopws some units stationed in Krefeld, but no photos.

  11. Sorry, Click "Wehrkreis VI", then "Krefeld"
  12. Hi i am Ferdi Tillmanns from Germany. The city of Krefeld plans to built new housing at Bradbury Barracks on top of the old drill court. Unfortunately they got all the rumours about whats underneath it.
    Anyway, my question is, does anybody know of the hidden entrances to the bunker? Does anybody still have some pictures of the bunker or the hidden doors. Everything has been bricked up.
    Is somebody of 16th sigs still living in Krefeld or the neighborhood?
    Thank you in advance,

    Ferdi Tillmanns
  13. Best place to look would be in the cellars under the cookhouse as there were some really heavy and well sealed doors under there though I think you will find that the "there is a panzer divison underwater under the square" is sort of a story that is told about nearly all the old barracks in Germany.

    So are you one of these urban explorers or something to do with the stadt?
  14. Hi Ferdi,
    I can't help you out with the Bradbury Barracks question I'm afraid, but I have one for you! What is the Stadt going to do with the old Fransisca Barracks site in Forstwald? I was over there a month or so ago and it is looking very sad and neglected.