16 Sigs 'boyscouts'???

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Plant-Pilot, Aug 24, 2004.

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  1. As an outsider I have to ask.... "What the hell's going on back there in Elmpt?"

    I noticed a member of 16 Sigs yesterday and was pulled between complete disbelief and rolling around on the floor laughing. Add one more badge to the sleve of your shirts and you'll never be able to wear shirt sleve order again!

    For those who haven't seen it, and this is as accurate as I can remember seen through tears of laughter..... As well as a 'Royal Signals' rank slide 'centre stage' so to speak, on the right sleve a '16 Sigs' regt badge over the 'Royal Signals' blue and white TRF and on the left sleve a big bright blue and white diamond ARRC badge. To make it interesting, two of the badges are blue and white, but the regt badge in in 'lo vis' green and black!

    Who's idea was all that? Obviously too much time on their hands..... Who pays for all the badges? I thought we were trying to cut costs?..... What's the matter? Can't you think of troop badges to add to the fun?..... How about a neck scarf and woggle???..... Gonna call you seniors after animals in 'The Jungle Book'?
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. LOL well said...
  3. Unfortunately, these days it would appear that you are a nobody - unless you have lots of badges. I am sure that OPSEC used to forbid it, but obviously we do not need to worry about that anymore?
  4. I wish 16 Sigs were alone, however we have 2 on each arm as well :oops:
  5. gentlemen and ladies please do not forget that 7 sigs look equally ridiculous!

    whats the going rate for the bi-curious badges anyway?
  6. 30 Sigs list as follows:

    Name Tag

    Union Jack

    White Swan


    JTFHQ Badge (F**king huge badge)

    and our friends from nepal wear Bde badge as well 8O
  7. do 21 still wear the beaufighter?
  8. Scaleys.

    Who cares?
  9. We care - thats why its in a sig forum.

  10. It seems that this badge collecting fixation is a Signals thing :roll:
  11. No I think it is a 1* thing so that Brigadier so and so can point at every soldier wearing one of his formation's very smart badges and say with pride to his fellow Brigadiers currently in staff jobs - He's one of mine.

    Here's my take:

    Name tags - useful, especially if your crap with names like me.

    TRF - Not totally sure but I suspect useful for outsiders to an organisation.

    Formation badges - only useful in 1* pissing matches and for enemy interogators.

    Regt'l Flashes/Badges - only useful in inter CO pissing matches and for enemy interogators.

    Union Jack - I'm wearing a British Army Uniform, carrying a crap gun that no-one else in the world will buy and I speak in a Plumb BBC Home counties accent, where the fcuk do you think I'm from!!!

    Ghurka Bde Flash - As above excpet for the accent but this time carrying a Kukri (God do these people assume that we are stupid in that we can't recognise a Ghurkha when we see one :? .

    The party line is that these badges help promote 'corporate identity' - well in my view thats bollocks and the money wasted on badges could have been far better spent elswhere.

    Cmt 95 is a field uniform designed primarily to be worn on Ops, but conveniently for the budjeteers now also worn in barracks as well.

    Lose the badges.

    Their CR@P

    Rant over
  12. cj,

    hear, fcuking hear!!
  13. That whole badge thing is simply rediculous. We in he trenches know that but those that "command" live in a different world and think it's smart. My arse!
  14. Well they may think it makes you look 'smart', but the rest of the army know it makes you all look stupid. Dib, dib dib :lol:
  15. How come they don't wear the union jack? Thought that was corps policy