16 Signal Regiment and the IS Trade

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by peed_off_is, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. OK, does anyone know what the score with promotion for the old IS Engineers, now amalgamated into the CSEng trade is?

    I was told that the IS Signallers should have all come off the board last year to LCpl to bring them in-line with the new class 3's who would get LCpl straight from Blanford, this happened in mostly every regiment I know people at, except 16 Signal Regiment. At 7 Signal Regiment (who shares the same camp with 16) all the IS came off. How come not at 16? How can you have an ISEng straight from his class 3, no experience of a working unit and on the kit outrank and be in-charge of someone who has been at the regiment for 2 years, knows the kit inside out and has been on at least one operational tour?! It does not make sense.

    I can tell you now that, in 16 Signal Regiment, all the IS who were Signallers at the time of last years board, minus 3, did not come off. These people have done at least one operational tour with the regiment, and I know of at least 1 who has done 2 tours, yet are now outranked and out-paid by people of the same trade with considerably less trade and army knowledge. This cannot be fair, they are also getting skipped over for some trade/army courses because they are only available to LCpl’s.

    What has happened here? Have these people been career fouled? Has the regiment had failing at the top? Whatever, all I know is this is deeply, deeply unfair on those who it has affected, and moral in the IS roster has bottomed.

    And before you say, it has not affected me. I’m not even in the same trade group.
  2. The fact that they have done an OP Tour is neither here nor there, perhaps the CoC have decided that they are not ready to be an NCO?

    I believe that you have to reach certain criteria to leave Blanford as a LCpl, however would be happy to be corrected on this.
  3. Yes you do have to fit a certain criteria, officially, but its just the same as the old Tech trade, you would get LCpl 95% of the time. The only reason you wouldn't get it is if you were a complete **** up.

    Please look past the tour thing, i am using this as an example of their experience and in comparison to the complete lack of experience for the new JNCO class 3's.
  4. You may find that all of the IS Ops who became LCpl CS Eng (I) had a recommendation for promotion. Regardless of how battle hardend and geeky the Siggies are, no recommendation = no stripe.

    The new batch coming out of Blandford also have to receive this recommendation and, of course, pass their JNCO Cse.
  5. The fact of the matter is, people lower in rank but higher in experience and trade knowledge is evident throughout all trades, why should they be any different?

    We would then have people saying, 'I'm more experienced than him promote me'. Trade knowledge alone doesn't qualify you for promotion.
  6. Yes this is defiantly the case, however why were all the other Signaller IS throughout the army (bar the odd few) recommended, and the ones at 16 weren't? You cannot tell me it is coincidence.

    If you look at the Sig-LCpl board results on Armynet there wasn't even a board that sat for the IS trade. Why's that?
  7. You guys are missing the point. The debate isn't about promotability, its about why weren't these people promoted when the rest of the trade army wide were?

    These people should have been promoted to bring them in-line with the new trade who are all LCpl. And its totally unfair no matter how you look at it that there are missing out and loosing years of their career.
  8. Maybe a question for the CoC or RCMO?
  9. There are one or two IS about who haven´t promoted for one reason or anther.

    As mentioned above. This is a matter for those who are affected to ask questions of the CoC and/or RCMO. But youaren´t one of those affected are you?

    There is no board for the IS becase there is no Sig LCpl board for CS Engr. That said, there is a mechanism for promotion so don´t worry they aren´t being left behind....

    do you think all those naughty techs who didn´t get promoted or were busted just did their 22 as a Sigg`?
  10. Yes, agreed, but not 80% of a regiments IS manning. One Regiment!

    The issue can't be ignored with "oh well they'll catch up" They have lost a year of there career.

    Im not trying to argue with you guys but im not getting anything concrete here that can justify this issue.
  11. I appreciate they have lost a year, my comment was regarding your belief there was no Board for the Sig-LCpl.

    You said that three WERE promoted, and that 15 +/- were not. I hardly think a Regiment will forget all about some of their troops. If three were promoted then the system is known and works. Those who didn´t come off mustn´t be considered ready yet.

    Don´t be confused by the Promotion of the IS Engrs. It is not a blanket promotion to anybody in that trade. They still have to prove themselves worthy of the Rank.

    If it makes you feel anybetter 100% of my units IS Siggies haven´t been promoted... Because she can´t drag her arrse around 1.5 miles in less than 13 minutes.
  12. The IS promotion system is that if you get a recommendation you'll get promoted (Sig-LCpl)

    Now every other Signals Regiment/Sqn/Tp recommends all there IS Siggies (except the odd exceptional **** up) for promotion, every regiment except 16 Sigs? Why have 16 not done this?

    Every other regiment has brought their IS in line with the new JNCO CSEng and promoted their IS (again bar the odd exceptional **** up), except 16.
  13. The only reason I can think of why they haven't been promoted is, the Regimental Orbat has not been updated for the new trade.

    This will probably mean that the posts are not rank ranged and so you need x Siggies, x LCpls, etc,etc.

    A long shot I know, but just maybe...........
  14. Tomorrow morning speak to the CoC, and phone the RCMO.
  15. Hehe, you don't believe me when i say it doesn't affect me do you? Truthfully it doesn't. But it affects my mates.

    I know one of them has been to the RCMO's and has been told in no uncertain terms there's nothing he can do and he will get promoted next year. This is not good enough. Also his immediate CoC are trying to sweep a mistake they have made regarding this persons career/promotion under the carpet.

    Sometimes the CoC are to blame, and the RCMO doesn't want to rock the boat...