16 Sig LAD

Anyone been there?

Just had a posting order, information is very hard to come by on housing, amenities, whats the posting like etc.


If they're still co-located with 7 Sigs at Elmpt it's a half decent place. Small NAAFI, swimming pool, decent golf course & quarters seem OK.

A very short drive to cloggie land can't be bad and another plus is you're not at JHQ.
Yeah, at Javelin Barracks. From whats on the net the MQ's have all been Op Puma'd. So thats a plus.


I left the area in 2005 as the quarters were starting to be done (I lived in Moenchengladbach) and went there or past there quite often. The place always seemed clean & tidy with lots of places for kids to play, I believe there's a bowling alley not far inside the camp gates too.

A nice restaurant just outside the gates and loads of places to go out & eat drink & get very merry and of course MG just down the road.
All the quarters on Javelin Barracks have been Puma'd, but all the REME, AGC and RLC seem to get the houses by the school and main NAAFI or by the main gate, unless your an ASM or OC LAD. When you do your march-in check everything, when I tookover my garage there was an Opel Corsa still parked in it!

At the moment there is only 16 Sigs, 1 MI and 628 Sigs Troop in the camp, but there are more and more RMP frequenting the place as JHQ winds down, so don't speed down the main drag or the MQ areas.

As for the LAD they are situated in an old RAF aircraft hangar, co-located with 628 Signal Troop, so the shopfloor is massive for an LAD. You won't have to get cold and wet looking at all those lovely MAN SV's and if you work in vehicle inspections they are located at the SMRC building near 1 MI on the other side of camp. The OC LAD is an ex-radar tech who likes to be social (don't mention poker with a few drinks or it could get messy). And the ASM is an Air Tech with some wonderful and wacky ideas, but he's alright in small doses.

The unit itself is a typical campaign signal regiment - basically they think their infantry and Equipment Care is a dirty word within the squadrons. So be prepared to educate the R. Sigs mentality, you know it's not a good sign when the MT reps don't turn up for the ASM's production meeting.

Overall it is good place to be for shopping in Roermond (as all the Dutch will speak English to you) and going back to UK. And in the last week McDonalds has just opened up opposite the camp, so your scran is sorted.

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