16 Regt (STRATHCLYDE GUNNERS)Old Gunner comrades/Kirton

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by dance_with_the_devil, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Just to put the feelers out there, are there any serving or ex members of the Regiment out there with any amusing anecdotes / stories of the good times past, I have served with the Regt from 1986 to present day... :D
  2. hello dance with the devil, can i call you dance? yes mate i have lots of stories of 16 in the late seventies and early eighties and i will try to get my head round posting them. do i know you?? i go to the OCA reunions, are you going to the 30 battery do in kirton next weekend?
  3. I was attached to 16 from 89 until they moved to germany. Top unit. Did the 90 tour of Aughnojoy. Had a great time at Kirton. I seem to remember 30 bty block used to glow in the night :wink:
  4. About 1988 me and my pal were accused of robbing the off license in the Square at KL. Totally exagerated mind you..... :D

    I still cry with laughter thinking about the Scouse RSM's blood pressure that morning in the jail when he caught me laughing.

    RSM - WTF are you laughing at?

    Me - Nothing Sir.


    Me - Nothing Sir


    We were easily identified cause my oppo had a knackered eye and was wearing a Jack the Pirate Eye Patch. (Are 32 Bty still grassing Bar Stewards?) :D
  5. Was that when the singlies got gated and 32 bty got f***d about for a few days until someone squealed?

    dance with the devil
    I landed at KL in nov. 86, 30 Bty sigs. until '89 then 20 Bty, do we know each other?
  6. Completely off the subject, but no matter. I served with 16 Regt for five years, and it has to be said so far it was the best five years in the army, (Now I am with an RLC Log Regt….god help me! And to make it worse 26 RA are just up the road, dangling like a carrot trying to taunt me). What’s happening to the old barracks now, so many stores flying around. Are the army selling it off, giving it to the gravel crunchers or will the Regt end up staying?

    Also what’s the score with a pass card for the Kings Arms! Is this true, do you need a card to get in the place now?
  7. Nah....that was when Gillie and Stijy smashed up McFeet's car on the parade square and some scunny slapper phoned the Scum Newspaper to report "The British Army's First Lager Louts" cause her loving partner wasn't allowed out to throw one up her.

    Aye....think we know each other. Or at least you sent me a few PM's on here about 2 yrs ago asking the same question. :D

  8. 16 regt are moving out of Woolwich next year and either moving to Thorney island or just North of Leicester Ii think the South Atlantic beckons for them in the immediate future!!
  9. Mountain Git check your PM's. You where right on the first guess
  10. Yep,

    The slops at Auchnacloy were totally disgusting. The Provo's didn't need to have a go at us down there as your crew were killing us with yer grub. :D

    Message received and replied to.
  11. I was 16 from 85 - 90 (HQ and 30 Bty). Had some good nites down Scunny in Henry Africas and a few other places, glad I left mind you, doing +6 guards a month did my head in! Good laugh mind you!
  12. Yep remember that i was in b tp 32 bty then.
    Can remember being on guard duty the night of the fire in reme block next to RHQ, bloody good job that fire as the PRI shop was at the back of the guard sleeping and the RP Sgt Geordie Youn*** had left it open, we tanned it stupid but left the £5 note that was in the drawer.
    This was when 14 and 30 bty's were in NI and we had standin RSM To** ***in has all 32 bty who had been on guard trying to get us to admit to it but he had no chance.
    Kit was hidden in roof of store room in 14 bty block (sorry lads you were away) and the rest was buried in woods on way to scunny.
    We even gave a regy tie to our BSM later that yr before he left as he knew we were guilty.
  13. Poor Geordie got bust for that aswell!!!!
  14. Its been confirmed 16 Regt are moving to North Luffenham(Lincs) Summer 07, and 12 Regt in Germany are drawing back to Thorney Island to bulster 47 Regt HVM Capabilities.Paderborn / Sennelager will close down and the remainder will be pushed up to Bergen Hohne Garrison. :eek:
  15. was in 16 from 79-91 had a blast
    cookstown was great fun with the bear as my tsm
    and frank dunn getting toasted on the electric wires
    still attened the oca and think back to all the good times