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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Jimmy1234, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. Im going to be posted there soon. Any inforamtion?

    What the accom. like? etc

    Any idea how often they are away on tour etc?

    Anything you can send my way thats not on their website would be great?

  2. Hi Jim,
    16 Regt is currently situated at Nth Luffenham Rutland, and is Sandwiched between Oakham to the west and Stamford to the East.
    Rutland water is quite literally on your doorstep, and a great place to chill out.
    The accommodation is old RAF type "H" Block in design with single man rooms for all.If you are a Senior or Officer then your respective messes will accomodate you.
    As the Regt is quite isolated, it is a good idea to have a car to get around etc.
    With regard to Operational Tours, i cannot comment due to Opsec etc, But if you PM me i will give you a heads up.
  3. I'm also due to be posted to 16 Regt RA in the new year any info would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi Gorilla,

    Not 16 myself but saw their outrageously busy roulement the other day-a multitude of commitments! Rest assured for the forseeable future there's not a quiet day to be had! From what I hear N Luffenham is great, though a little isolated. Am going up there soon so I can comment then if you fancy. I'm sure there are better informed people (perhaps even members of 16!) out there. Hope this is of some help.
  5. 16 RA are known for their ability of blowing up town centres :twisted:

    Does that help :wink:
  6. Tut Tut :twisted: I was with 16 Crack Flak when that happened (RAOC) - Oh how the CO laughed :twisted: He was still laughing when the MGRA reamed him a brand new squeaker - allegedly!
  7. Any help is much appreciated.
  8. Not as much as Dortmund Stadt was, when MoD in it's infinite wisdom, decided to smuggle the regiment back into Dortmund a bit at a time, so that they wouldn't realise until it was too late 8O Oh how we chuckled at that one :twisted:
  9. I'm guessing I'll find out about this glorious regimental history when I join 16 Regt RA.
  10. Yes, but basically, a PoD driver (or just a driver I can't remember) in the early '80s stole a PoD and crashed it into a taxi rank in the centre of Dortmund, causing lots of damage and IIRC (which I won't :oops: ) there was a bit of loss of life as well. the PoD driver was sent to German nick and the regiment booted out of Dortmund with a 'do not return' order on them 8O

    Like I said, a few years have passed since this event and I have drank many beers since then, so anything could be true :oops:

    The other thing you need to know about them, is that they fought like fairies to regain the Hansa Becher during the '80s as well :twisted:
  11. Ask about when they were stationed in Soest as well - in the '70s :twisted:
  12. Shit i remember the great 16 pod incident,
    The rest of the garrison was banned from town for some time.
    From what i remember there were numerous other vehicles stolen over thier time in Dortmund including several landrovers which found themselves embedded in various pub doorways.
  13. only Regiment I know that killed there Gun Tiff
  14. Gorilla,

    Don't worry about the Regt'l history until you get here, worry more about your Battery history. The area is great, but bring a car if you can. We are exceptionally busy, but that means there's never a dull day. Don't expect to get stuck into Rapier straight away, but do get stuck into life down here, plenty of opportunity to get involved with Regt'l life.

    Look forward to seeing you here,

  15. Congratulations to 30 Bty on their medal parade today. Jolly good it was too, even if it was a bit chilly!