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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jim4244, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. Bumped into a guy today who said he was on leave from The Stan. When I asked who he was with he said "16 Para".

    It was a little busy, so I just assumed that he was 16 AAB.

    Afterwards I got to thinking, most guys would give their Units or Regiment rather than their Brigade? It would be like a Bootie serving with 42 Cdo RM telling folk that he was with 3 Cdo Brigade, but buggering up on the Brigade bit and saying 3 Cdo Unit.

    So..........do Army guys with 16 AAB call it 16 Para?

  2. Potwasher at best,end of.
  3. I thought not.......... What am I? Some sort of fucking "Walt" magnet?

  4. Seeing that were not going out till March(16 BDE), very suspect.
  5. No they don't unless they want to get smashed by a para. I know a lot of friends who are there and they say it is one of the main problems, People Walting that they are part of the elite.

    The wearing of Para smocks is not allowed unless you are parachute trained and the shaping of a beret to make it look Ali is also only allowed by para trained people.

    It is called 16 Air Assault Brigade and no one calls it 16 Para.

    What is his job? Is he Airborne? Is he just trying to make himself look nails? A lot of people who are there are not Airborne and a lot probaly haven't got the metal to be Airborne.

  6. The so called "ali" beret shaping is not allowed by any unit in brigade, even Para Regt.
  7. Is he referring to 16 CSMR (elements of them are para??) :?
    More likely waltenkommando :x
  8. Well you need to get a grip of all the lads at 7 RHA, 16 CS MED REGT, 13 AA and all the other Airborne lads at 16 AA. No one stops them there.

    It is true that the Para regt lads can't.
  9. A small number of individuals at 16 CS Med Regt are but most of them are fat nurses can't even get over a six foot wall let alone do a 10 mile speed march.

    I have a lot of friends there and it has changed a hell of a lot since it was PFA (parachute field ambulance).

  10. I agree Crawler "Well you need to get a grip of all the lads at 7 RHA, 16 CS MED REGT, 13 AA and all the other Airborne lads at 16 AA. No one stops them there."
  11. Just about to say that, if he is para trained then he isnt really a walt, he's just doing the same as 7RHA calling themselves 7 Para I suppose. Im one of the Hats down here being told to wear the maroon beret by brigade.

    Just remember though night crawler a lot of us non para types down here will be still standing tall with the Para lads on Herrick in March. I have full respect for them and the job they do but saying that non airborne havent got the metal is a bit below the belt and they appreciate the support they get.
  12. I'm on Herrick right now and I've seen a few people walking about with their 16 AAB TRF on, so he could be for real.

    However, March isn't coming fast enough right now.
  13. AAC have been on every Herrick, along with RLC, Engineers etc.