16 med reg

Hiya, can anyone give me some info on 16 med reg? I'm getting posted in Feb to either there or 4 med reg.

Am wondering about the fitness levels for 16, my runtime is 11.5 so not great, would hate to get there and be seen as unfit!

What is the normal PT sessions etc at 16 anyone know is it that different to a normal reg?

cheers for replying

well don't blokes have to get 10.5 or under to pass the pft?

Have you persnal experience at 16 med reg can I ask?
right o cheers for replies,

what about the PT at 16 then is it a lot diff to the other units?

would you say most people at the med reg (not para trained) are sub 9 runtimes etc?

do they work much on the DZs and go on exercise alot, or is it mainly tentage (as I keep being told 4 will be)..

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