16 med reg??

was wondering if any one has served or is serving with them at the moment, as almost finishing my medic course and i am thinking of going there for my first posting.
if any one has some more information about them?
what are your reasons for wanting to go there?
16 is a very good unit, they get the job done....a very fit bunch. The only thing I recall from many years ago was an attitude of being more airborne than any other and trumpeting about it, unless of course there were any Para Regt soldiers around....then they would keep very quiet!
Just wondering why a female would want to go there, all other med regts do the same tours, if its just to wear the beret then i would imagine its going to be a pretty shite experience in every other aspect unless shes really fit and enjoys PT, although there are some 'large' people at that unit who shatter the illusion that everyone there is super fit and does phys all day.
16 yes a great unit, mostly fit and some of them can even work in a medical role!!!! :D
Its interesting that a unit has been summed up by a number of posters in 2 words -fit, airborne- No reference to any other leading indicators which could suggest that maybe it isnt that good a unit.

Just a thought
very much the same as any other med regt (unless you wanna do P company and get your fiver a day), as a CMT you will be getting very familiar with tentage, if clinical, you might even get a placement, now that they haven't got SLE. When they get SLE back next year, CMT's will also be painting boxes, joy!

Edit - colchester is probably the best Med UK location though
17THSEPTEMBER1944 said:
Karabiner said:
17THSEPTEMBER1944 said:
It's not airborne!
The unit has a para capability, that component is therefore Airborne. I never said the whole unit was Airborne just a component.
The unit has just a sprinkling of para trained personnel.
how many para trained personnel does your TA unit have? Is there much difference between the Regular P-Coy and TA P-Coy?

It has always been a bit of a mystery to me though why people request postings to airborne units, Det, SAS etc but are not prepared to even attempt the course that is the reason why the unit is specialist. Is it for the kudos of telling people that they are there and hinting that they have done the course?

If the posting arrives then fair enough, but why request it but not have any intension of doing the course?
Regular P Coy has a 20 miler,and the 10 miler is 1.50 minutes.
Some of the timings are adjusted for the other events,but not by much.
TA P Coy 10 miler is 2 hours.
RoyogtheRovers said:
Is the TA P-Coy spread out over a number of weekends (allowing recovery time you wouldnt get on the Reg P-Coy) or is a continuous course like the Reg P-Coy?
No it's all in one go!

The beat up training is over weekends - or you do it on your own in any free time you get.

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