16 Kids and Counting

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by oneofTHEM, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Channel 4 9pm


    Very interesting watch

    Have you got any bin lids?

    I don't know how people can cope, I struggle with 2 kids and the job at hand.
  2. Really need to either get a TV, or tie a knot in it, or get tubes tied off, or get a really interesting hobby such as cllecting train numbers....
  3. Stop child benefits at two children, all these people would soon stop breeding.
  4. When IDS limits welfare to the first two kids, some people are going to be stuffed.
  5. Its called being a Catholic.
    Have they popped white smoke yet?.
  6. I'll bet her fanny looks like an old leather bucket by now. He probably doesn't even touch the sides any more and she has to hang upside down for three days to get impregnated.
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  7. It does.
  8. Still it makes up for all of us lazy bastards who cab't be arrsed having even one. Replaces the population etc...
  9. Well if they are on the brew, they will be well fucked when the limit is £500 including housing benefit, free school meals and milk.
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  10. Yeah, but that's not a bad screw per week.
  11. Two bad the people replacing the population are ones who will go to the local curry shop not local pisser and aren't going to stand up with all thngs british.
  12. Really...
  13. Agreed, but a hell of lot less than this Taliban adherent currently gets?

    Has anybody else notice the inbreed look about the kids or is it me, that lad on the right looks a right bunny ******.

    Him hanging onto his mum, looks like its turn with her that night.

  14. "How do large families manage to discipline and educate their many offspring, while continuing to add to their numbers?

    In the Salim's Rochdale home, ex-teacher Mohammed wants to instil a love of education in his children. But with no routine, homework often done late at night and non-existent bedtimes, the kids rule the roost, while Mohammed tries to persuade his wife Noreen to have another baby.

    In Kent, the Sullivan family take a very different approach to discipline. Tanya and Mike home-school many of their 11 children and believe routine creates order. They want to protect their large brood from the negative aspects of society and dream of one day moving their supersized family to a remote part of Ireland."
  15. Bromide.