16 fd sqn, 25 engrs

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by sigstab, Jan 13, 2003.

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  1. :eek:

    Any traz oggies out there???

    Bring back 16(model behaviour)sqn
  2. Joined 16 Sqn November ´80 Hq tp sigs wing left October ´87 just before the Falklands tour
  3. I was in 16 Fd Sqn 3 Tp 87 - 91 (nickname Rambo at the time). JT was the troop staffy! How I miss the bar in cellar. Jamming keys into the pool table to get free games all night. Sqn AO couldn't understand why the table was only making 5DM a week but being played all the time! :p
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I suppose the AO was one of those wet behind the ears LE officers that would never have done anything like that himself................
  5. Neo

    Neo Clanker

    I too was in 'suicide Sqn' 88-90 in 1 Tp with the likes of Minger Epps, Kev Probert, Jase Bayles etc. Particular memories of Dee 'borrowing' the 7 foot high inflatable dog off the roof of C &A. Luckily it was just prior to one of 'Biff' Hemingway's room inspections!!!!

    Those were the days....30 years, man and boy....hardest job in the world that....

    Also remember Sid Guils haven't an inflamed testicle which we couldn't quite close the Naafi Bar shutter down on!!!!!! :oops:
  6. After numerous postings outside of the Corps, I got posted to 42 (Geo) in Aug 04 and went to....... 16 Geo Fd Sp Sqn! It wasn't a patch on 16 Suicide Sqn. It was a million times worse and full of Geo Mongs! Glad to say to say I am no longer there!
  7. not quite 25 ,but 39 sqn 23 Engrs 85 to 92 and as you see from the Locstat still here , they dont call it Osnatraz for nothing
  8. MInger Epps is still out in Traz delivering Coke to the YMCA!
    And that dog was a fecking gorilla! and it was bigger than 7 foot. The only way we got rid of it was with a jack knife, Deo, rob Miekle, me diving all over it to get the air out. the room inspection was that morning. fecking nightmare.

    Sids knacker was fooking massive. I thought he had it chapped in the end.

    Miss 16 big time. no other sqn came close. Browny was the best staffy by a mile!
  9. I agree with you there, no sqn came close in my eyes. Though I think John Tucker was the best Tp Staffy (and his daughter was a stunner).
  10. I remember the Sqn doo where it went off with Geordie Dent and previous Mr Tucker!
    I don't remember John Tuckers' daughter but I remember Chic Naviers sister in law though!!! :wink:
  11. Come on guys - where are you all :?:
  12. I got to the squadron on the 23rd Nov 89 (checked me book). I was 1 Tp with Kev P as my sec. com.and initially shared a room with Sid (of the incredible shrunken beret), Billy and H. Remember 432 training on achmer with Chick as crew com. and building a lot of Sangers and BBQ's on Op Springer. Also remember playing footie in my No.2's and best boots after the disbandment do at the NAAFI, after we'd been banned from using it for ages after trashing it and somebody nicking the picture of the Queen...

    Happy memories of playing shock in the winkelhausen and ordering trays in bramsche. Spent some time in the green jaeger as well, and who could forget the lovely ladies that could be found in broadways

    Anybody got a copy of the 89 photo i can have?

    ah the memories *hic*

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