16 december....

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by HarrySmith95th, Dec 14, 2004.

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  1. Anyone counting down the days?

    I gather the Fourth Will Rise Again....

    :wink: :lol:
  2. ehhhh????? :? :? :? :?
  3. I'll be able to dig out my old rugby shirt...
  4. The recommencement of internecine sniping and warfare may well be one outcome of the rumoured Announcement.

    I genuinely hope not, in spite of postings indicating otherwise the Heavy/Light bits actually get on pretty well, AFAIK.
  5. Well, no. I believe A, E, F, G and HQ LONDON coys (RGJ) will form 8th Battalion, The Light Division Regiment (whatever name they settle on).

    God bless the Kings Division for that! Thanks a bunch....
  6. All from the public domain. What appears to be happening is:

    Foot Guards may retain single Bn regiments but gain a TA Bn (in London)

    Scottish Division forms a Royal Regiment of Scotland with 5 reg and 2 TA Bns.

    Queens Division form a Queens Division Regiment of 5 Bns and 2 or 3 TA Bns

    Kings Division form a Royal Lancashire Regiment (2 Reg, 2 TA Bns), including Northumbria and a Yorkshire Regiment (3 Reg, 2 TA Bns)

    Prince of Wales Division form a Royal Welsh Regiment (2 reg, 1 TA Bns) and Mercian Regiment (2 Reg, 1 or 2 TA Bns). RGBWR and D and D go to Light Division

    Light Division Form a single Light Division Regiment, with RGBWR and D and D forming 5th Bn (5 Reg and 2 TA Bns)

    Paras, Gurkhas and Royal Irish are untouched.
  7. IOW Rifles:

    A E F G HQ Coys RGJ?

    Curious. A Coy is Lon Scots. There is no E Coy and HQ Coy is multi-badged.

    Who cares where we go, as long as I don't end up with the northern monkeys.

    Back in the early 90's everyone thought the Londons would be a guards TA Bn then. All conjecture of course.
  8. A and E are the greenjacket coys of the RRV.
  9. All becomes clear.
  10. That means EWRR and West Midland Regiments doubling in size???

    or succesors to 1 + 2 Yorks, 3 WFR + 3 Staffs being reformed :D
  11. Or possibly WFR Coy East of England get moved from from a soon to be 3 Royal Anglian? :mrgreen:
  12. I think its pronounced OOOOOOO and AAAARRRRR.

    MT by Massey Ferguson.
  13. Bet they're looking fwd to leaving the enemy :twisted:

    So we now have a TA is increasing (by 40%) thread and one stating decreasing by 40%

    Doesn't the Inf have the highest number of mobilisation, so an increase would make sense
  14. TYNE TEES and EWRR = 4 and 5 Yorks? (In that order as GH is senior)

    Elm. KCR, elm. EER and WMR = 4 and 5 Mercian?

    3 PWRR and EER = 6 and 7 QUEENS DIV?
  15. IOW, you may be correct.
    Current inf locations in the midlands were really buggered up by the last cuts (due to reg regimental politics), several areas with large & established recruiting areas were reduced to nothing or a pln. (Notts & Derbys could 10 years ago support 2 Bn's - now they just have a coy)