16 close support med reg

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by just_jay, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. im due to pass out of phase 1, in about two weeks. after completion of my 24 week CMT training, what are the possibilities i will get a posting at 16 reg, as i want to do to the close support role.?
  2. what about 1 or 3 then?
  3. All very interesting, wheres the manning for all this coming from then? :wink:
  4. Having listened to the most recent MCM roadshow, we are near enough adequately manned across the board (apparently)
  5. Should I avoid opening any official looking mail? Is this why they said I could keep as much of my kit as I wanted when I dekitted? Is this why I still havent got my testimonial?
    I'm not giving my lump sum back!

  6. Here here, well said young chappy
  7. :?

    What? WRAC is coming back...?
  8. Not bad from someone who has been in nurse training for about half an hour and whose allegiances are still with the Royal Signals!

    Dont forget to quote that in about 6 years time if you decide to go for a commission.
  9. So that will be the Royal Signals handbag trade then (they don't call them switch bitches for nothing).
  10. Cant blame a bloke for loving his past, 10 years in the signals doesnt count for nothing, however im sure in time there will be some scarlet creeping in there at some point

    Switch Bitch yeah but thats one bit of kit I will never miss lol
  11. Message for you DirtyAndy:

    ..-. ..- -.-. -.- --- ..-. ..-. -.-- --- ..- ... -.-. .- .-.. . -.-- -... .- -.-. -.- -... .-.. . . .--. - .-- .- -


  12. Great place to be in hot weather though
  13. dah dah diddy diddy diddy dah diddy dah dah dah diddy diddy dah diddy diddy diddy dah dah dah diddy diddy diddy dah

  14. Primrose and blue whats your name pal, seems like your singing from a similar songsheet
  15. yes primrose, please post your name :roll: