16 airasult

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by corbuk, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. I'm 16 and Im wondering If I can join 16 airasult or I have to be in it for a few years ,and if I can join at 16 what are the fittness level for or them to take me on and train me.
  2. 49 Para currently conducts a 2 week beat up course for lads wanting to join 16 air assault. You'd be better joining them first. That way you will get your dagger and your wings.
  3. 16 Air Assault is the name of the Brigade. A good number of units come under this umbrella, and the chances are that during your time in the Army you will deploy with the Brigade, dependent upon the cap-badge you chose. If you are specifically interested in the Paras you can do this as well. But in answer to your question, yes you can start the enlistment process at 15 years and 7 months. Runtime for the Paras i.e 1.5 miles needs to be done in under 9mins and 15 seconds.
    Speak to your army careers office.
  5. and what is an airasult?

    Maybe MDN knows.
  6. Mong season seems to have come early this year?

    I usually have it down in my calendar as starting on the first weekend of May.

    Does the unseasonably warm weather bring them out early do you think?
  7. Indeed it does,somthing to do with the warmer weather/availibility of icecream ratio.
  8. Why not look at the website? and see which units interest you within them. And try and spell please.