16 Air Assault

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chocobot, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. Chaps

    Ive heard a nasty rumour that the up coming tour by 16 air assault to Afghanistan will be their last one.

    This due to their role being changed or something.

    Does anyone have any better info?
  2. Para Regt to be disbanded spring-summer 2012 as part of MoD cutbacks. Don't have a need for their role any longer.
  3. Please hold,the experts will be along shortly :)
  4. popcorn and beer anyone :)
  5. Source? This seems to be coming up a lot but I have difficulty believing it.
  6. Now that the dust has settled on manning after Telic, 16 Bde are going back to doing thier usual job of the UK rapid reaction force.
  7. Yawn.
  8. So everyone else is getting rid of their Paras are they?
    No? Oh well.
    Sounds like bollix tae me!
    There's a lot of other things in the queue to go first.
  9. See my above post.
  10. Sounds like people are getting a bit confused about FORM
  11. Why popcorn and beer? Why not crisps?
  12. 16AA will be going back to strategic reserve and will join the SLE (Spearhead Lead Element) cycle once we return from HERRICK 13. This means the Bde will come off the Roulement tour cycle and will be deployed as immediate response for any future deployments.

    With the current finacial climate I cannot see the Bde deploying anywhere further than STANTA Trg area!
  13. With SDR looming, 16 AA and 3 Cdo are probably the 2 safest Bdes at they fit nicely into the 'in quick,slot someone, rescue some nationals then get out quick' role i think the army is going to be used for in future.

    I think we will still have a 'traditional' make up in other Bdes but of a smaller scale, perhaps 1 Armd Bde, 2 Mech Bde and 3 Lt Bdes. Just enough for peacekeeping or low level stuff, with just enough armour to defend the white cliffs of Dover when the French decide to have another go, or a small Div in support of a US led event.

    But it is all guess work
  14. Thank fuck for that!
  15. I don't know mate, I've just come back from STANTA, scary fookin place!!