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Telegraph Saturday 01 Oct 05
More British troops for Afghanistan
By Thomas Harding in Kabul
(Filed: 01/10/2005)

Up to 4,000 British troops are to be sent to Afghanistan to fight a growing terrorist campaign. John Reid, the Defence Secretary, said yesterday that a force of "sufficient size" would be deployed as he spent the day with members of the present 900-strong British force in Kabul.

Army sources say that the additional force required to take on a resurgent Taliban campaign against western troops in the south could be as high as 4,000.
Defence Secretary John Reid in Afghanistan
The precise formation will be announced in Parliament next month but last night Mr Reid said: "We would need sufficient numbers of soldiers accompanied by sufficient mobility to accomplish the mission with maximum effect. Then you would need the capacity to defend and attack in the air and I would like assault helicopters as part of the package." The reference to "attack" aircraft could mean Britain's new Apache assault regiments, part of 16 Air Assault Brigade, being used for the first time on operations.

We where young and -----
"Anything I need for Afghanistan is independent of the requirement to draw down forces in Iraq,"
It is a very interesing phrase. So there exists 'the requirement to draw down forces in Iraq' and mr.Reid urges that there is no connection between situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. If a politician says that there is no connection then it exists no doubt.
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