16 Air Assault Brigade

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Ancient_Hush_Puppy, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. Liam Fox stated that the Army will consist of 5 multi-role brigades but no mention was made (unless I missed it) of 16 AA Bde. Does this mean that the brigade's future is secure for the time being? There has been speculation informed or otherwise as to the future of the Paras in UK press websites, reduction in para pay etc. Along with 3 Cdo Bde the Paras are counted among our best troops and I hope that they remain so.
  2. Ho hum . . .
  3. Can you even paradrop out of an A400M?
  4. Speculation / BS is all that it is!
  5. Collect your P45 on the way out.

  6. Or trade in your maroon lid for a crap hat.
  7. Yep........
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    quick fix there and free too - all for this big society bollox me :)

    paras are speshul so they have to keep them seperate from the regular army until they work out if its contagious or not. you notice that while they allow other trades to learn how to jump from good aircraft they dont let paras work anything considered very dangerous like tanks, guns or helicopters or anything they can hurt them selves with like hospitals and bailey bridges.

    there is a reason johny frost needed a big dog whistle at arnhem :)
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  9. 16 and 3cdo brigades will be first 'weapon of choice' to deploy as spearhead in future conflict. Both are very secure within SDSR.
  10. For those with the inability to type such phrases as SDSR or British Army into a search engine:
    • UK lead in HQ ARRC
    • 2 x deployable Div HQ’s (1XX & 3XX) alternating between Commanding Operations and Force Generation.
    • 5 x Multi Role Bdes + 16X + 3X (Navy)
    • 3 + 16 + one of the 5 (on a rotational basis) under permanent command of the Operational Div HQ
    • 4 Bdes under Command of the other HQ
    That is of course until the next new announcement changing the goal posts again

    Very simplistic but if you haven’t got the ability to use the internet for a simple search more detail may be too overwhelming :)
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  11. Who's got egg on his face? Thank you CAARPS for your "simplistic" answer and yes I've since found the full SDSR report on the MOD site. Sorry 'bout that one and all.
  12. The more bitter your posts about the Parachute Regiment become the more you come across as a first class throbber and someone who was filled in by a paratrooper/whose mum or dad was****ed by a paratrooper or failed depot or P-coy. It's good of you to let everyone know.
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  13. .......................................

    The biggest problem with SDSR restructuring is that there is precious ltte money to do it with, so wherever possible troops will remain where they are now.

    despite the obvious paranoia regarding Paras expressed elsewhere 16 Bde will remain in Alderchester/Colshot, although they would be far better suited to Leachars where they have access to both wild para type training grounds and most importantly an active runway.

    Suggestions of there being some kind of amalagamation of RM and Para into a single entity are no more than idle, misinformed speculation. RM will stay RM , Paras will stay Paras.
  14. I thought 1 Div was going to take teh op role on permanently, with 3 div taking Force gen.
  15. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    nothing bitter at all about them (certainly not more so as my attitude has allways been the same) just maybe more poetic in my prose, you just dont know how to reply properly so thats obviously a family snap as your avatar, nice short back and sides by the way.

    now I did get filled in by some ghurkas and thrown through a pub window while fighting alongside some 2 para back in 88-89 or thereabouts in shot centre, did get threatened a few times but thats nothing new when your strange to a unit and they cant grasp the big words you are using unlike the rest of the army and marines who are quite civilised (soggy biscuit not with standing) - strange as we didnt get all that hat crap back then either as they knew they were good back then (as did everyone else and it wasnt to do with anything falklandsy either) and didnt have to go about it so much like some noncy footy fan. so it must be a new inferiority complex the regt has acquired now its mainly full of tattooed chavs and is probably why its hated so much by those who just want them to get on with it and stop making such a fuss.

    back then they had respect and we were rightly proud of them, once they started going on about it and playing it up like a bunch of gangbangers the rest of the army lost interest in them - mind you all that airmobile and airborne training for the rest of the army took a lot of the shine off the paras as something unique when the rest of infantry worked out it was nothing they couldnt do if they really wanted to get buggered about that much.

    I reckon its a maturity thing when I think about it and maybe being bullied at school by the ginger kids which would explain the desire to have a red head anyway.

    I had two key teachers as a kid, one a ex-para with tattoo and porn star tache who taught PE, rural science(gardening) and history he was a total gobby ****** who tried to demand respect (especially after the tv show) so of course didnt get it. the other was ex 60-70's SAS (national service who stayed in) and a quiet spoken cdt/engineering teacher who taught us what we needed to know when we wanted to know it with no fuss or bluster as it was up to you to succeed. He would give you extra time during breaks if you needed it and bat for you when you****ed up. Needless to say the two didnt get on according to the rest of the staff anyway (chemistry teacher was an ex marine - so the subject choices say a lot I reckon).

    yes the paras deserve respect - because of what they do which varies from bloke to bloke, not because of who they think they are which is the common fault and one bumped into on sooooooo many occasions. they also need to show it (which is rarer than white dogs eggs) when they learn that then maybe they'll get some slack, and bailey bridges (cos if they take the bridge with them then maybe they wont lose so many trying to capture them). they would probably want to deploy them via heavy drop though :)
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