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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Howlingmad, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. Went to see about one of my old postings today. Put 16 AD Regt into google, clicked on the Army page and got to the 16AD Regt RA/Army pages no problem. Went to read 'About Us' there is a nice picture of Rapier on here - as long as Rapier is ship mounted and fires about a thousand rounds a minute. Schoolboy error me thinks.
  2. Wah shield up

    Nothing wrong with the picture my friend, you are just VERY out of date

    Yes I admit the write up is confusing, to know whats going on read the Soldier and officer profiles
  3. Granted, I have not been in a Regt for a while, but if you hover over the picture of the Phalanx or Goalkeeper it says 'Rapier Firing'. I seen enough missiles leave the beams in the Hebs and the Falklands and I know the radar dome does not move with the beams.
  4. Yes,
    The Regiment is going through somewhat of a transition at the moment.
    If you want to know more then PM me matey.
    Remember OPSEC...Ssshhh!! ;)
  5. Yep OPSEC, that the thing, of course we can't talk about the thing they have a picture of on the website, or did a feature on in the Sun, yep that's it

    Ref the hover over thingy, granted, it isn't Rapier of course, so that bit is a bit school boy, I'm impressed they actually have someone who can do a tool tip
  6. I was in 22 AD I have to sy i hated rapier, it constantly broke down, spent more time waiting for REME to come out with another spare part than soft mick, good piece of kit when it worked though which wasn't very often except in the Hebs or when it hadnt been dragged halfway round Germany, It just wasn't squaddie proof.
  7. Met a few of the 16 RA guys in Iraq a couple of years back. Good bunch of lads. Don't envy the Falkland deployments though fellas. Shame the kit they used in Basra isn't in Afghanistan. It's impressive to watch when in action.
  8. That would have been B1 or B2 though Brocky. FSC is much more reliable although the safety kit that gets plugged in in the Hebs does cause some issues.


  9. I'm glad you said that. I've been of the same opinion for years, across all systems, but people wouldn't have it - probably worried they would haveto spend a fortune upgrading the LASO buildings.

    Firing through LASO would normally see about 4 successful optical from a full 8 off FSC.

    When GCC used to fire from the beach, out of LASO, between 6 and 7 optical engagements were successful on average.
  10. Just back with 2 kits from London after 2 days of deployments in the smoke. If you were in the area you may have seen us at Blackheath or Oxleas where we were most visible. Rapiers back in SE18!


  11. Do you think Rapier a viable option in the city or just a show of force/deterrent.

    I suspect the later.
  12. Dinger,

    Clearly I am not going into detail about anything operational on ARRSE. Any deployment will be part of a comprehansive layered approach of surveillance and strike assets to support the police in delivering a safe games.

    A media event a couple of weeks ago at RAF Waddington on Ex TAURUS MOUNTAIN showed the type assets involved which included Rapier, HVM, Typhoon and helicopters with snipers.

    BBC News - London 2012: RAF Waddington holds air security exercise