16 AA Pathfinder Platoon Wearing US Mitch Helmets

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. Any reason for this ?

    Take alook at Sky News Active to see
  2. Level IV protection as opposed to IIIA. They fit better than MK6A, lower profile so they do'nt carry on moving when you stop turning your head, lighter and more comfortable to wear, ballistic eyewear fits a bit better as the strap pulls directly back and not up and back. And above all, look Ally!

    Saw the thing on Sky. Not saying their not PF, but could they be 2Para Recce chaps?
  3. Someone posted in the Inf forum on the Para Helmet thread that it was the Mk6A SF (Security Forces) helmet.

    Apparently it has the ame protection as the 6A but is shaped so it isn't pushed over their eyes by Osprey
  4. Lets hope those problems (shown in vid) with the 'Jackals' is an isolated case.
  5. You jest surely! No helmet in the world gives NIJ Level IV protection (high velocity 30-06 Armour Piercing). The septics helmet is level IIIA (9mm ball).

    The US are always going on about how their helmets give 9mm protection, but surely this is pretty irrelevant when all the enemy has is AKs, RPKs and RPGs?

    The MICH helmet may be comfy and look uber ally, but it gives very little protection around the ears and the nape of the neck. Mk6A is a very good design, with excellent ballistic protection from fragments. Don't forget that it's also the only helmet in the world to pass the motorcycle helmet bump test. In plain speak it can take a half brick on the noggin whilst other helmets would leave you brain damaged.

    Does it make sense to trade good protection just for the sake of comfort and a bit of combat fashion? I'm sure that Kitmonster will have his own insights on this one.
  6. Oh, OK I stand corrected.

    I only put that up going off of a previous brief from an US SF chap
    I met in KAF whilst swanning it up with the rest of the AAC!
    I tried it on and he told me Level 4! I was quite impressed at the time. But now I think he maybe a bit of a chimp....But he did have a HK416 which was definitely an awesome shooter, so I forgive him.
    Had a strange ballistic jacket on aswell. Made of that Dyneema stuff like climbing slings.

    Skids on.........
  7. Gun_nut speaks much truth although I would say that looking Ally is not a factor! The challenge is to know what's important and what's not, what's proven and what's not and finally where you can safely make trade offs in the pursuit of military fashion. The plain facts are that a soldier feeling good about his\her kit is a morale issue. Feeling like someone has invested time, effort and money in your kit, in this case a helmet, is something to strive for. So.....

    There has been much work on developing a helmet that does not give up those features of the current MK6a that are saving lives, improving fit\ comfort and making the UK helmet shape more modern. A cross between the Canadian\US the SF helmet seen in the Sky video and the Mk6 might get you close (Variations seen during the PECOC Roadshows for those lucky few units!). Possible prototype trials in September, couldn't possible speculate.

    There are many different types of helmets tagged with the 'Mitch' label. There all pretty good but with some big harness and pad problems and up to 600gs heavier than the SF helmet (As has been pointed out no way level IV and no way stopping the threat rounds).

    As in so many of the kit options its all about understanding the trade offs because the current materials can't deliver it all in one helmet
  8. with ref to people thinking the pf and sfsg are wearing a new ally helmet yeah the helmet is new issue to them and it does have a greater ballistic protection than the mk 6a but is slightly heavier how do i know this? Nog long finished seniors and there was some 1 para lads and a hereford guy in my platoon who were issued these helmets hope this puts it to rest
  9. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    The helmets they are wearing are Gentex TBH-II 's. The improved version of the standard MICH helmet.
  10. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Which on a personal note is alot better than the mk 6A.