16 AA Brigade

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Devil_may_care, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. If you are with for example the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in 16 AA Brigade do you have to do P - Company and get your wings. If not can you do P-Coy anyway?
  2. Most of the troops in 16 AA aren't para qualified, in fact ony the Para battalion (3 PARA i think) and 7 PARA (RHA) are posibly the only parachute qualified troops in 16 AA. The Air Assault bit corresponds more to being air-mobile than deploying via parachute. The rest is made up of sappers, rlc, cav, aac etc and a line infantry regiment (Highlanders). In answer to your question, no you dont HAVE to do P Coy. Whether you can do it or not is a quaestion for your C.O.
  3. A significant percentage of the R Irish 1st Bn will be para trained by the time they return from Iraq and rejoin 16 AA Bde.
  4. Para training for non-paras? ......Thats an urban myth that i've not heared before ;-P
  5. Those para trained in the Bn will include a rifle coy, recce and elements of Bn HQ, support coy mortar and milan platoons. Even though they're not in the para's - correct.
  6. The MOD have just axed the three H.S battalions from that fine regiment to try and save money etc, i'm not sure that they will outlay that kind of money to put non-para role troops through P Coy and the jump course at brize, for what?
  7. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it...

    .......but I've been in two regiments where similar offers were made..indeed, 'decreed' by the demi-gods at Div!......then the Para's get the hump..."its not fair, they're OUR parachutes :-( ...we'll poo in your kettles if you do!"

    ........ and we get thrown off again.

    (and repeat)
  8. Theres not much more to say, i'm not in the R Irish yet - i just take their money :D. So until someone more knowledgable backs up me i'm just going have to sit back and be wrong :(.

    What have the HS Bn's got to do with anything? The HS have no impact on the GS Bn.

    moving-target-survivor, but if they take your parachute.... you'll fall very fast and a bet that'd hurt! ;)
  9. My point about the H.S Battalions was that in an attempt to save money etc the MOD have axed all 3 R Irish H.S battalions. If they are trying to save money why would they expend more money and resources to train and equip infantry soldiers for a role they will never be required to carry out. Then again we are talking about the M.O.D......
  10. ...my signaller will fall faster and I'll use him to cushion the blow!
  11. 16 AA. Hmmm I think I'm in this... I'm not para trained.

    edited no apparantly we are in 7th armoured but have been rumoured to be preparing to become part of 16 AA. Ah who cares....
  12. I have days like this too!
  13. I don't care what I'm in so long as It doesn't mean more ******* badges to sew on. How can a tartan patch be upside down ffs?
  14. lol
  15. Be in no hurry. 16x is the ultimate cake and arrse party and means at least a night in with a needle and thread sewing on all the scout badges. Got mine for helping a little old lady across the road.