16 AA Bde - JPA Cash Machine Strikes again!!



SOLDIERS who fought in Afghanistan are being probed over an alleged £100,000 expenses fiddle, it emerged last night.
Royal Military Police are investigating at least ten squaddies from 13 Air Assault Support Regiment.

Large numbers of bogus claims for hotels and travel expenses were allegedly submitted after the unit returned home last October.

The regiment, part of the Royal Logistics Corps, had spent six months in Afghanistan.

It played a key role in British military operations, ferrying troops, supplies and equipment to the front line, as well as protecting convoys travelling through the danger zones of Helmand province.

Commanders praised the regiment for its “brilliant” performance.

A military source told The Sun: “It would be a great shame if the regiment’s heroic work in Afghanistan was tarnished by something as sordid as large-scale fraud. This matter is being taken extremely seriously and a very large sum of money is involved.”

The Ministry of Defence confirmed the RMP was investigating.

A spokesman said: “All those found to have committed an offence are dealt with robustly.”
What do they expect? Everything is receipt based, if it's kosher then fine. If it's fraud then frankly they deserve to get the book thrown at them.

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