15th Anniversary of Good Friday Agreement ?

How's that worked out by the way ?

Always struck me as a bit odd. An enemy planned five weapons systems to deploy in a terrorist campaign against us.

A Judge published the enemy plan in the appendices to his report on the causes of the current spate of "Troubles"

No one told the police that they should read the appendices. I don't think many soldiers read it either.

Then a few decades later a Prime Minister, a deluded psychologically flawed closet catholic and entrepreneur, signed up to a Peace Agreement that only required the enemy to dismantle two of its five planned weapons systems.

A couple of years into arms decommissioning and the Canadian General running that thinks "This is a bit odd I better ask the minister Paul Murphy for an explanation"

"Our greatest triumph its say by yere butty on the briefing notes isn't it ?" says Murph. "And a footnote our glorious leader thinks he may cop a Nobel Peace prize out of it."

"Well" says General De Chasterlain "I couldn't help noticing you've left the groups formerly known as terrorists in possession of 3 of their 5 weapons systems"

"Oh you don't fool a valley boy with that one boyo. If what you are saying in any way alluded to the facts that would be indicative of what we call in Torfaen a f-cking cock up. But what I'll do see ? Tell Jack Straw for you."

"What's Jack Straw got to do with it ?"

"Nothing at all isn't it. While you marching you not fighting and other South Walean homilies. What it is butty is Straw is c-nt enough to tell Blair see. Keep my name out of it."
Have you been at the toilet duck again, you tedious **** sock.

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Obviously I was reading a different agreement from yours. But yes, its been 15 years and yes we have the benefits of peace.
Recession, depression, an increase in suicides among those who have finally worked out that the armed struggle was a waste of time. For those of you convinced that you got a raw deal, can you imagine what it must be like as an ardent republican. Reared on the goal of a united socialist republic. One look at Stormont and the first and deputy first minister should tell even the dopiest that its not going to happen any time soon.
The DRs I feel are about as troublesome as the loyalists and if the will was there they could be rolled up without too much difficulty. There are probably more informers than activists.
Its theatre, we need the security budget.
I think step one would be once the parades commission makes a decision, first side to start trouble gets the bill. They can take it out of the council and housing grant. Clearing up after a riot, community representatives and those arrested can do it.

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I like chips, me.
So the provo's surrendered 15 years ago....... tell that to my Da and his neighbours, who face attacks every other night over the peace line. ****ing place will never know peace.

When they realise that there peaceful strategy isn't working... they'll not be to long pulling the kango-hammers out and retrieving there armalites and barrack busters. This marching season will be a catalyst I think after the Union flag protests.

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