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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by indifferent, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. well i have just stared my fitness regime in preperation.

    First thing i did was to see what my time would be. 15mins 30. Im shocked i know i was unfit but that takes the pi55. i couldnt even manage to run the whole distance and for a part i walked it, im really gutted im 26 and used to be really quite fit but that was 5 years ago.

    all i can manage is 15 press ups in one hit and 20 situps. This has really demotovated me because i thought id be almost at the reqiured level and could build on it but now i have to start from way back!!

    I ached like a twat today but still i walked 5 miles in 1 1/2 hours today just to stretch those aches.

    still i need to lose about a stone as well.

    so im having a moan to myself for being a lazy ****** for the last 6 years,

    so realisticaly how long would u Pti chaps reckon its going to take me to get anywhere the required fitness levels?

    P.S if you live nr ipswich and want to help feel free lol!!
  2. Sixty

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    Mate, you can't undo 5 - 6 years of neglect with one session. Stick at it (and listen to drain_sniffer)

    Build it up gradually. You'll soon get your fitness back.
  3. thanks lads,

    Thats what i need!!
  4. thought this was about fayes pay packet - ah well - will get me coat
  5. Preparation for what? Paras? AGC?

    Again, required for what?

    How quickly you progress depends on you. I know that's an obvious answer, but are you prepared to change your diet, & stick to a structured training programme? (Not mindlessly beast yourself, but follow a sensible programme.) If you are, I'd say you could make major advances in about 4 months or so.
  6. I think this is the best advice to follow. :D

    I've been following this training programme for the past 8 weeks myself but have found that altering it in places has benefitted me a lot more than following it exactly as it says. Like when it says to go for a brisk walk or swim on day 7, I've been going for a 5 mile steady run and have found that this has benefitted me personally a lot more than just walking. Also I'd say if you feel as if you want to/ can be arsed to do more sets of each exercise on the circuit training days then go for it, you'll probably be aching the next day but you just have to get on with it, it shouldn't put you off though because at least then you know it's working. :D

    Oh, and change your diet aswell. You want food thats going to give you more energy and help build your muscles up after training, so cut out the crappy stuff!

    At 26 I'm guessing that you will already know that because it's just common sense. If not then, Oh dear... 8O haha
  7. Thanks Pork pie, Tbh i will do what it takes! i really do wana get there.

    the role i rather like is the AS90 gunner flying around in that thing then building op's etc. Para's would be great but i just dont think i have what it takes im not getting any younger so infantry is not an option, well acording to the SGT from 2 para at my local careers office anyway do they all have a chip on there shoulder about people my age??!! he wasnt very happy or helpfull!

    Or i could go balls out and have a crack at the Rock apes (start slagging here). they dont have a problem with my age and they seam to get stuck in....
  8. There seems to be a lot of blokes joining the Para reg at an older age these days, if you want it hard enough then you will do it, but you have got a hard slog ahead of you if it is what you want. 26 is hardly old and personally I think I hit my prime around about that age, take onboard the advice above and work hard and you wont go far wrong in what you want to achieve.
  9. indifferent, 26 is not too old for Infantry, the Para at ACIO is talkin' shite, if you do want Infantry then go for it, I agree with Mag_to_grid a lot of people are in their prime mid to late twenties.
  10. Hey mate, im in the similar boat myself, im 25 and very unfit. Since i decided to join TA 6 weeks ago ive been riding my bike to and from work (8 miles per day) this helps me alot with my stamina and builds my legs muscles (damn my thigh and calf muslces look good now)

    Ive also started doing the conditional training for a week and i has been steady progressing.

    In the past 6 weeks i have seen a HUGE improvement in my fitness, i feel great now (still need to lose 1-2 stone) and its driving me more to get fitter...even have my medical on Tuesday for the TA. And i know when i sign up and go on the weekends it will push my harder and further.

    All you can do mate is stick at it, then a few weeks down the line you will notice a big difference
  11. Same here mate. I joined the TA primarily to help with my fitness. When I started I weighed in at over 21st (i'm 6ft 2) and my PFT time was appalling (18mins+) less than 10 press ups and about 5 sit ups!! I just battled away at it and six months later I am 15st and a bit and running my PFT in 10mins45 on average can do 75 press ups (although breathing out me arrse) and about 90 sit ups. It's just determination, effort and setting short term goals. If you say I want to do 70 press ups you will almost always fail. Say to yourself "lets get to 25" then when you hit that aim for 30 and so on.
  12. I'm at same stage as you Indifferent, 25, used to be fit, let it go for 2 years (it went downhill quick ^^), but dont worry, I know where I used to be, and where Im gonna be after doing exeactly what I need to do, run......., except less protein and more carbs ( I was 16stone solid at 5'9", I dont need to be carrying that sort of muscle and a backpack anymore
  13. I've just done my first run. I'm 37 and haven't been running for 15 years. I've been doing some bicycle training over the last six weeks.

    1.5 mile run today was 12 minutes. I hope I can improve on that. The whole sorry saga is on the Ex STAB Rehab thread, there are a number of us having a go at it so join us on that thread. I started the thread so that having announced to the 25,000 members of ARRSE that I intended to get fit I would have to do something about it or face ridicule.

    Good luck with your training.
  14. Thanks for that Ex-stab im well aware of your antics!! makes fun reading!!