15K run times

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by dazv_88, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I currently do 7 Brit Mil Fit classes a week, swimming for an hour once a week and from tomorrow I will be doing a 15k run every Sunday. I can run 1.5k in 4min 47sec. I am trying to get fit so that when I reapply once my defferal is over June 09 I will be fit enough to pass selection for the Para's. What time would be a good/acceptable time for 15k?
  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Around the hour mark is a good time.

    By your time for 1.5k, you would be looking at a pft time of what, about 7.30 yes?
  3. I'd say it is. That would be sub 7 minute miles for an hour!
  4. I would suggest that a 1.5k time of 4:47 would translate to an 8min PFT - give or take 10 secs depending on the individual.

    So yep as BBear says if you were racing a 15k then you should be looking at an hour IF you have the mileage in your legs ie you are currently running 40+ mpw.

    I certainly do not suggest you RACE this distance every week!

    If you are looking to go at an easy pace then anything from an 1:05 (if the speed comes naturally on that day) to 1:15 (having a bad day)
  5. I wont be racing the 15k I just need to do some longer distance running to get used to it and build up my endurance, so a good/reasonable time is around say 1:00 to begin with anything under a positive, thanks for all the replies will let you know the time I achieved tomorrow.
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Sorry, i forgot to ask how old you are! But if you're looking at getting miles into your legs (what are these new-fangled kilometer thingys?) then I'd say look at least for 1.15, especially if you're not used to running long distances. Just remember, it's all in your mind!

    Also, if your going para - might be an idea to unhinge your mind a little...
  7. I am 20 years old, will be 21 when I reapplly on the 2nd June (birthday is the day my defferal is over), a kilometer is 1000 meters and 15k is 9.32 miles I worked the route out on mapmyrun.com so the distance is spot on. I should be alright, it would help if I had a mind to begin with tho :wink: . Thats what the morning swim is for, ready for anything, the sea is bloody cold at 0700 :cry:
  8. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Fair one. I'm 21 so similar ballpark. One thing I found to help is to run very long distances fairly regularily, so when you want to up the pace your legs can hack it.

    I wish I lived near the sea, in Birmingham we only have streams and canals to jump into...!

    Let me know how you get on, i'm getting into my running and it's good to see how someone else is getting on!

    After a quick stint at P-Coy, one bit of advice is to put lots of hills into your routes. And stop and do burpees every few miles. Cheeky little buggers...
  9. Cheers for that, i was looking for something like that to plan my runs out.
  10. Yes spot on mate, 54+ 15k runs till I reapply should get my running upto scratch. Shame about the canals for you tho. Have you tried doing BMF sessions I know they do some in Birmingham, plenty of burpees for you :wink: BMF is good because at the end of the month you do a fitness assessment based on the army fitness tests to see where you are. I got the maximum points score 500, first in Brighton to get it but it bloody killed me,
    1.5k 5.04
    61 press ups 2 mins,
    85 sit ups 2 mins,
    41 burpees 2mins,
    15 20meter sprints 68secs

    Yes there are a few hills on my route one or two steep ones and some gradual ones. This is the route im doing
    Map My Run

    So are you planning on joining the army then?
  11. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Ha, BMF - in brum i know some of the instructors. I've seen what they do but I thrash myself plenty in my own time thanks! I'm a TA soldier, so I know the army standards and where I ought to be.

    I hate burpees with a passion. I really do.

    Lets see how you get on with the run tomorrow. Good luck!
  12. Just got back from the run, did it in 1:09:33 which I'm quite pleased about as I was thinking anything under 1:30 would be good to start with.
  13. Did 15km in an hour and twenty this morning and Im 38
  14. What has age got to do with it? :? I could understand it if you were approaching 60 but you are still in your prime young sir!
  15. Done a fair bit of running in my time (sub 7min for 1.5 miles) but not done Para training myself but from talking to those who have been good runners and have done the Para course they say that they wish they had done more sessions with wieght on their back. I wouldn 't recommend going mad with lots of weight and high mileage (this would lead to injuries) but a resonable size ruck sack over a reasonable distance occasionally will make a difference. Tabbing does use different muscles to running (and it takes a different mind set).

    In short, good running pace doesn't always translate to good tabbing speed, it does take some extra specialised training.