it depends if the person drinking the shake got a sexual thrill from drinking the spunkshake

the dead guy batty would possible be better for you from a nutrition point of view
which until very recently wasn't a criminal offence, alot of our sexual laws come from the victorian era and they were as is quite well know very strightlaced, alot of the laws that refer to "the person" should read "the penis", they couldn't believe that anyone would have sex with a corpse so saw no need to make it illegal

I think its only in about 1999 that you could be charge with nercophelia rather then tampering with a corpse- thats what I was taught at uni and not from personal experiance
In that case there's a lot of married men breaking the law. :nod:
I dont see how its sexual.

If someone dumps a blob of semen in a Mcdonalds thick shake, would gulping it through a straw be deemed sexual.

Whats the difference between a ronnies thick shake and a dead dudes butt hole?
You barsteward! I have boycotted McDonalds burgers due to their "special" sauce for many a year now, but have always loved their very thick shakes. Now I will never be able to enjoy one again!
My only visit through their golden arches will now be for a hungover ingestions of fat and carbs aka their breakfast.
wanna know whats in the breakfast eggs ;-)

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