155 (Wessex) Transport Regiment

As I've mentioned on here before, I'm moving to Cornwall for Uni in September. I'd thought about joining 6 RIFLES but I'm also interested in 155 Transport Regiment in Bodmin, as I love driving and I'd like to get a Cat C license.

Does anyone have any contact details for them? I've rung the number referenced here and it appears to be dead. If anyone has an email address/best manner of contact for a recruitment gent I'd much appreciate it. I'd like to get everything rolling ASAP, I've attempted to join the reg. Army before and I know what a bloody nightmare it can be!


P.S I can't pop down on a drill night, 350+ miles is a bit far for me.
Ah, they'll give any old retard a degree nowadays.

I've had a go searching it, can find bits of information, news articles, a HANSARD question or two. Can't seem to find much in the way of contact information. I thought there might be a member of this regiment on here.

32 Transport Squadron, 155 Transport Regiment - Royal Logistics Corps

Unit Overview:

Part of 155 Transport Regiment Royal Logistics Corps, our TA Unit helps provide the transport capability for Army logistical support operations. That means we deliver ammunition, water or combat supplies to exactly where they’re needed.

To do so, the Regiment is equipped with the 16t DROPS palletised stores delivery LGVs – which most of our soldiers qualify to drive as soon as possible.

In the Army, soldiers don’t have to wait until aged 21 to qualify at LGV level. Which makes 155 Transport Regiment Royal Logistics Corps a popular choice with under 21's who have an eye on a career in the transport industry.

So if you want the chance to train as an LGV driver and operate around the UK and abroad, 232 Transport Squadron is a great opportunity.

Parade Times: Wednesday, 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Recruiting Contact: Recuiting Team on 01208 72467 or by e-mail at JPACONBODPSAO@tanet.mod.uk

Website: http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk/southwest/rolesandregiments/ta/Pages/155TransportRegimentTheRoyalLogisticsCorps(Volunteer),232TransportSquadron.aspx

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