154984654135th Man off the balcony does well for himself

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, May 11, 2011.

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  1. So I was looking at me local rag and I came across this....

    Man exposes himself to group of schoolgirls in Hereford (From Hereford Times)

    Could he have blamed himself due the trauma of going down the balcony so late???

    I wonder if the carrier bag that he had was to crap in, whilst he was on the run from the hunter force on selection refresher training or to store his meat and two veg in? Or is this lad son of Shortt?
  2. Thats normal Pointyhead behaviour!
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  3. Hereford - the land that genetics ignored; because it was all too painful...

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  4. It must be time to find out which Arrser's live in Pointy land and have an Arrse crawl for locals and blow ins.

    Bubbles Barker lives there too.
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  5. HHH

    HHH LE

    This caught my eye, she mustn't have seen one before,that she needs information about it.

    Anyone with information can call PC Catherine Taylor
  6. Count me in!!! I am 100% pointy head.
  7. If this was a novel, the offender would be one of Them about to be "disgraced" publicly, so he can be fed into al Qaeda under cover. It isn't and therefore the smart money is on "drunk mental bloke wanking at girls because he is a pointyhead".
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  8. Do not be fooled by this walt

    I know because I was the 154984654136th man on the balcony and I do not remember him being there at the time.

    I54984654135 was Jonny 2 Dicks, then me, followed by Smudge, Dinger, Johnny, Ginger, and Justin.
  9. Are we presuming PC Taylor is wanting a look for herself ?

    sorry, best I could do at short notice .........
  10. Oy! Who's "Justin"? I think you mean Capt the Honorable Justin Farquahar-farquarson Golightly Smith QGM, late Coldstream Guards! Nice bloke for a rupert, he lent his grannie's yacht to Boat Troop so they could rehearse Achille Lauro/QE2 scenarios. The insurance paid out good as gold...unlike that cheating bastard of a Moroccan yacht-broker.
  11. I wonder how many yanks have already claimed to have been the second man through the door in Abbottabad?

  12. I would walt about that but "Seal Team Six" isn't a hard enough sounding name. If they'd called it "Task Force Death" or something I would have been well in there.
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  13. I expect they chose "Seal Team Six" because it is difficult for the average lunchtime boozing, rot-toothed, hare-lipped inbred to say after half a dozen long-necks with chasers?
  14. No wonder most US servicemen don't make it past selection!