152 Ulster RLC (V) Driver vs Driver Rad Op

Advice required please. I am looking at possibly joining the above unit as a soldier next year as I moving roles within my civilian role and can commit to the TA from January 08.

I am 38 ex Royal Navy (writer) but been out for 13 yrs. Have a v good career but would like to into the TA. The unit seems to be well ran and it has a good name locally. I am healthy and well within the fitness standards.

I am not hung up on trade pay. Just wondered if there is a lot of extra training to be a Driver Rad Op as opposed to a Driver ? Or do you join the TA as a Driver then qualify as Rad Op if you want to get the qualification ?

Any advice either from Norn Iron or any other mainland TA units would be appreciated.

Cheers in advance.
Join The RSigs in Limavady loads of people there from Londonderry and there is a lot more exciting skills to learn rether than just drive .
You can join direct in either trade group, on completion of recruit training.

Driver Radop is focussed around using the radio equipment based on the land rover FFR and the running of a Troop CP (Although driver radops will also be found and Squadron and Regimental level doing much the same on a grander scale). Requires a Cat B + E licence.

Driver trade is focussed on the use of HGV vehs within a Transport Regiment. Both are B trades and take similar amounts of time to complete. The only difference is that most B3 traded drivers go onto train on DROPS MMLC as well. Requires Cat C licence.
Driver Rad op will attract in the long term, a higher band pay. 152 offers a lot more than just driving so do not be put off. Look fwd to having you on board.
you will/should still get trained as a driver Cat C and on DROPS as well so best of both worlds you'll have to return to Grantham for 2 weeks to do your rad op's cse after doing your basic there


I was a Dvr RadOp with 151. Its a good trade although I did my course 8 years ago. I loved it and only gave it up cos of work :-(. Plenty of opportunity after doing B3 to go all the way up to RSI (Reg Sigs Instructor)

Go for it and enjoy

why not just check out the North Irish Horse also?

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