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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Skimmod, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. Good Morning all,
    I have a soldier (TA) in my unit looking to move to Croydon this year and is thinking of doing a transfer to 151. can somebody message me the name and number of the PSAO? Can't find it on google at all!

  2. Skimmod,

    The RLC phone book is on the RLC page of Armynet, 151 are listed on page 45.
  3. hi, tell your guy not to bother, the regiment has virtually been closed down , low morale, bad leadership, he would be better of trying somewhere else.
  4. Found and contacted! thanks

    They didn't seem to be that low on morale when i phoned up. But thanks for the heads up, I'll investigate myself before I let the poor bugger walk into a trap!


  5. If you can plum for a Sqn, I'd suggest 210. Well run, good location, morale good. The last PSAO is a very close friend of mine, and he fought hard for the Sqn as did the OC. Sadly, the PSAOs tend to be over-worked and often under-valued so you may have to expect a less than frenetic admin pace. If the PSAO of HQ is still the very gentlemanly former member of Hereford's finest, then you'll be well looked after.
  6. Agree about the 210 sqn bit, cannot agree about the PSAO's
  7. thanks all, I'll update you after his visit next week.