15000 pound bonus for soldiers within 8 yrs service

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by big_mac4824, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. not too sure if this is old hat, not being a regular visitor to this site,
    but was informed on my MPCA cse that your soldiers that have served less than 8 yrs will be entitled to 15000£, wether they accept 7.5k at 5yr point, or they can save it all up until there 8yr point.

    I always seem to miss out on these bonuses! never mind only 12yrs to push!
    sorry if this is old news. :oops:
  2. VERY!!!!!! i miss out too but then i got my 5 yr and will get my 8yr which is more then some got so ho hum!!
  4. I am led to beleive it is any one who has enlisted within the past couple of years, if you have done over 8 yrs you have dipped out!
  5. This will include myself.

    For those that missed out, unlucky Kentucky.
  6. I’m in the process of joining now, so is this a bonus that will be available to me in 5 years?

    if so that's rather excellent, but why hasn’t this been mentioned before? Could stoke up a lot of interest from potential recruits.
  7. It starts from your 18th birthday. Also, it's UP TO £15,000 and it comes into play next year.

    It's being brought it for retention purposes because there is a struggle with keeping people in from their 4-8 year points. Nothing to do with recruiting.
  8. Flaming typical I got bugger all bonus money at any stage.. though I do remember somewhere that I get an extra 1p a day or something like that. Whooopy fuking dooo..

    Its about time they started paying some retention money for experience to stay rather than giving it to people who do the bare minimum get the bonus then disappear.. :evil:

    Rant over I'm of to buy a 1p chew with my "bonus"
  9. thought you was leaving you wretch?? so this extra money is just gonna keep cnuts in for the money not for the glory or self respect....god the Corps gonna become the RLC very soon!