15000 Plod to march in London over pay deal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Santa_Sunday, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Shimfing Plod

    15000 rozzers are to march in London to protest over the pay deal they have been offered.

    They will also ballot Police Fedeartion members on whether to campaign for strike action.

    It must be nice to openly protest about your pay deal and to consider strike action - even if you are morally obliged to get on with it and protect the public.

    Fair pay is one thing, but to consider striking in a profession such as the police is shameful. No doubt the plod will claim that they are getting a shitty deal because they can't strike - yet.
  2. Reading comprehension isn't your thing, is it, Lofty?

    Go back and read the last line of the article.
  3. It was because I read the last line that I wrote my last line.

    The former Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Met claims that they have been offered their current deal becasue they can not strike....

    If such a high ranking ex-plod makes statements like that, then the average PC Toecap will see it as an invite to ballot for strike action.

    ..and that is why I put 'yet' with regards to the coppers being able to strike, Gloria.

    Thanks for your input.
  4. They'll be wanting shoe leather expenses after the march no doubt....
  5. can we all turn up and throw petrol bombs at them? Just to give them a taste...

    There is a woman peeler on R4 moaning on about how passionate she is about her country....join the army love.

    Another taff (these were interviewed at the Severn Bridge) bleats on about "we are here to protect people twenny four three 'undred an sixty five days an ear".

    Calling all soldiers on ops...come back and stone the rozzers in London.

    Don't actually, it doesn't befit us. Only kidding.

    Ironically, who would stop us? The Met rank and file would be busy elsewhere.
  6. Who is going to deal with them when they kick off?
  7. Im sure if we were all in the same position we would probably be pissed off as well. They did get over the whole pay fiasco after the government stated that it was capping public sector workers with a pay rise of no more than 2% to counter inflation. The Government then stoked the fire by giving teachers a 2.4% pay rise no less than 1-2 months after telling the police that they couldnt have it. The other reason they are annoyed is thier colleagues north of the border were given thier backdated pay rise which they were denied.
    Im not excusing them taking public action but it gets results so why shouldnt they.
  8. There are so many examples of disparity like this in so many areas involving the Jocks that it's laughable...
  9. SurpriseD the Met Police Commissioner gave them authority to march in Westminster!!
  10. Who will foot the bill for policing this? Da-dum tishhhhh
    I'll get me cloak!
  11. And don't forget that PCSO's got the full pay rise. ;) What value for money that must be.
  12. Dont forget that the police have the same rights to peacefull demonstration as citizens as the rest of us do.

    It's their democractic right to march in protest at what they see as poor treatment by the government.

    Just consider for a moment if someone turned round to the Army and said that the Scottish Regiments were going to get a higher raise than the rest of the UK because their parliament had decided to. This despite the fact that the higher level had been agreed during independent negotiations with senior offciers. Then the government turned round and said "Hell yeah, give the Crabs 5%... The army can get by with less..." ( as an ex crab I say YAY to that ! :) )

    It's another example of the farcical situation that this country has been led into by this bunch of muppets in power. If we're not the United Kingdom any more with a single parliament etc... then lets go the whole damn way... Personally I'm against that, but I am also against devolution, and we seem to be in a nightmare halfway house right now. Sorry... thread drift. Many apologies.

    Anyhow, personally, I think that this is just the beginning... Once they realise they can screw the police, they'll turn to the Armed Forces next.

  13. If the cops are demonstrating then can members of the public turn water cannon on them and/or charge through them on a horse?

    It would only be fair after all.
  14. Where have you been for the last 15 yrs?
  15. My bold, Tramp, who says that we won't be in the same position come our next pay offer? My moneys on a 2%, as the Govt wouldn't dare to offer us more knowing how cheesed off the rozzers are with the paltry rise! The difference is that we WON'T go marching through the streets in protest, in fact the only marching through the streets will be on Sun 9 Nov 08 for rememberance!