150 Recovery Company REME (TA)

Discussion in 'REME' started by fltpilot, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know much about them?
    Anything good, bad or ugly?
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  2. Full of salt of the earth Recy Mechs.
  3. They smell of Guinness, diesel and fags, and are nice. Redhill is a boil on the arse of human endeavour, but at least it isn't the islamic caliphate of Crawley, where HQ 103 is based. The real estate is "quite" small, so it's a good job they've reduced their fleet of Fodens.
  4. So not as bad as it could be then?
    Was looking also at another TA Unit, but they are RLC based at Sutton.
    Ho hum have to decide where to go now!
    Cheers for the info though.
  5. The RLC Sqn in Sutton has it's own LAD Fitter Section with Recovery Mechanics and a brand new WKSP. It's a good atmosphere amongst the REME as they make up most of the Sqn.
  6. Are they not the Army's AA/RAC Service?
  7. Not any more, the AA are the Army's AA service now.
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  8. So if you break down in the Army you call out the AA before the Army?
  9. If you break down in Germany you will most likely be recovered by ADAC or subbies of them as it's apparently more cost effective to pay civvies than to have recy mechs come and get you, even though their wages, fuel and vehicles are already paid for??? Another wonderful decision from on high that just adds to trade fade and saps morale, but at least the recy mech can be used to run MT sections which they just love!!! It must be true 'cos reme said so.
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    150 Recovery Company are the most wonderful and delightful crew on God's Green Earth.

    Well, they are pretty fine, and a better cross-section of humanity (and a bit of inhumanity) would be hard to find. Honestly, a good bunch, plenty of variety in jobs, and plenty of Ops opportunities - if that's what you want.
  11. Of the two go for 150 Coy, good bunch.
  12. Yep as an ex-SPSI there I can confirm that a jolly good time will be had. Good bunch of guys/gals most of the old mob are still about from when I was a there a few years back.
  13. A better cross-section of humanity.... don't you mean INSANITY?! :D
  14. "Reduced their fleet", or written some more off I wonder............
  15. knowing both units ( i belong to one of them ) either would be god, RLC at sutton has a shiny new wksp thats all singing and dancing, always plenty to do there ans it got an ex 150 Sgt running it...