150 pistols stolen from Dutch airbase


Gang steals pistol arsenal from Dutch airbase

12 April 2005

AMSTERDAM — Up to 150 Glock pistols have been stolen from the high-security Gilze-Rijen airbase after thieves made a hole in the wall of the armoury.

The theft of between 100 to 150 service pistols took place over the weekend, but was not discovered until Monday morning, newspaper 'Nederlands Dagblad' reported on Tuesday. All vehicles belonging to airbase staff were inspected on Monday.

A military police spokesman confirmed that an inquiry had been launched into the theft of "military property". Further details are expected to be released later on Tuesday.

Military personnel at the airbase in the south of the country suspect the thieves were familiar with the terrain

because they knew exactly where to drill a hole in the wall of the armoury without hitting scaffolding.

The stolen Glock 17 pistols are the standard service weapon for the army and military police. The Austrian-made weapon is a 9mm semi-automatic handgun and is especially suited for close range combat.

"You can easily hide it under your jacket so it is also handy for criminals," public order and safety inspectorate (IOOV) boss Henry Kuipers said. Kuipers is involved in investigating the management and administration of police weapons.

The theft of the Glocks is one of the biggest such crimes in Dutch history. Earlier reports of vanished service weapons generally involved only a few guns at a time.

An estimated 300 Ingram MAC 11 machine pistols were stolen at the end of 1990s from the US Nato base at Coevordon in the north-east of the Netherlands.

This robbery was never confirmed by US authorities, but the weapons ended up in the hands of the Dutch underworld and IRA.

In the 1970s, Uzi machine guns stolen from the Dutch military were used by Molucccan militants in a series of bloody train hijackings. The militants were fighting against injustice suffered at the hands of the colonial Dutch after Indonesia became independent.

Meanwhile, a weapon smuggling expert at Tilburg University, Toine Spapens, said the robbery at Gilze-Rijen was "considerable" and predicted that the weapons would end up in the underworld, but not necessarily in the Netherlands.

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What were the guards smoking?
Have a look on ebay.....................15o dutch pistols, full working order, only been dropped the once!!!
I believe the Gloch goes by the Dutch name of "Pishtol".


"Get the Pishtol from de Arrmorwy"

"We have Pishtols?"
You can imagine them all coming back on Monday morning after leaving the camp deserted all weekend can't you?
Why does this not surpirse me? I had to hand in a pistol at the end of a cabby to Split a couple of years ago and the Dutch was the only armoury to use. When I got there, the doors to the armoury and the ammunition bunker were wide open and the bloke in charge of the said was having a game of table football a couple of hunderd metres away in their bar. He was most put out at having to leave his bong-and-a-blinz to sign my weapon in and proceded to unbomb my magazine with a lit fag in his gob (he was inside the ammo bunker at this time). Needless to say, I spent the rest of my time worrying about the security of my pistol instead of trying to drink Croatia dry from the comfort of my beach chair.


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Awol said:
I'll have a couple Stoatie. :D
Yeah - put me down for a couple too....I might be able to trade up to a 10mm or .45!

Manchester Monkey can prolly tell us what the street rate is these days :lol:

( and before I get any wisecracks I last shot 9mm at STASAAM in 2002, cheeky barstabs!)

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