150 New Labour stealth taxes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tazzers, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. Disgraceful, taxing us to the hilt. String em up

    I'd love to see the evidence though
  2. True there is a lot of ranting and a bit of 'conspiracy theory' in there.
  3. Brown has, to put it as politely as I can, robbed the tax-payer year in, year out for ten years and so few of us have even noticed.

    He has raped pension schemes as effectively as Maxwell robbed his.

    He has allowed a device called fiscal drag to increase our tax on Stamp Duty and Inheritance Tax by not keeping these taxes in line with inflation and the rise of house prices.

    Only 2 million people paid the higher rate of tax in 1996-97, but now 3.2 million people do so. This is because he has not raised tax thresholds in line with earnings.

    He stole more money by imposing a 1% NI contribution on earnings above £645 per week. (£33,540 p.a.)

    Basically he binned Married Couples Allowance. *

    Mortgage Interest Relief at Source. (MIRAS). He binned this too. *

    * = The previous government opened the door to these measures.

    PEPs and TESSAs. Brown is a micro-manager, control and power obsessed, he simply cannot resist fiddling with anything. He replaced the excellent saving measures, introduced by Mr. Major as Chancellor, with a complicated scheme - ISAs. In addition to the complication they are mean as mean by comparasion.

    Council Tax. You don't want to know the details about this tax, suffice say the 'take' has more than doubled since the golden day when T.Bliar and the ghastly 'Gorgon' Brown jointly took control of this poor sad nation.
  4. And the sad thing is it's still going on, and they won't listen to anyone. :thumleft:
  5. My you are blinkered by your love for the greasy cnuts Bliar 'Sejanus' Brown & Neue Arbeit arent you Sven, i'm sure if you look up some of the points raised on the revenue and Customs site, you will find the facts and figures!
  6. You realy enjoy supporting Neue Arbeit? may i recomend that you read 'lsquared' post i believe that this is evidence? :shakefist:
  7. ..Makes me want to FCUK off and leave this sh1thole of a country even more now.... :pissedoff:
    Sangria anyone..Chin. Chin..Hic
  8. 'Us' includes you. As you once said, you are a 'registered biff'. Hence you don't pay tax - you merely consume it. I'm reminded of the armchair warriors in the boozer who boast about how well 'we' are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Government taxation and borrowing are both at an all time high. But consider the advantages. Our public services are the envy of the world - aren't they?
  9. What Mr Brown takes with one hand he takes with the other, cnut :threaten:
  10. Lets examine Lsquareds post in detail.

    Pension schemes - Ever heard of Pensions holidays. The Guardian goes further, naming eight different reasons for the pensions crisis including the Tories, the bear market of the early years of this millenium and low interest rates. Even the Torygraph lays partial blame ON THE CONSERVATIVES

    Stamp duty/Inheritance tax - The average house price is £184,924, stamp duty between £125,000 and £250,000 is one percent. £250k to £500k it is 3% so Mr average is paying 1% Further, from April Inheritance tax will only be paid on £300,000, well above the average.

    Top rate tax - Mr average earns 23244, well below that at which the top rate kicks in. The linked site also states "The top 10 per cent of the earnings distribution earned more than £886 per week, while the bottom 10 per cent earned less than £244." - that says it all as far as I am concerned.

    Mr average isn't bothered by Lsquareds next point.

    Why should married people get a tax dividend?, why should house owners?

    If those with money to spare want to find something more lucrative than ISAs then they will, low take up of ISAs would have had the government changing the system - that they didn't says it all.

    Council tax. Hmmmm, I'm not going to argue that one. Vote Lib Dem and You'll get a much fairer system
  11. Sven, over the last couple of months I actually found myself agreeing with you on a couple of things. However when in comes to the cnut Brown I am diametrically opposed to your standpoint.

    The man is a theiving bstard of the worst kind.

    Why should someone be penalised for earning more than 886 quid a week? I am currently earning about this per day: I work up to 18hour days, sometimes 7 days a week. I have to go where the work is (Singapore, London, Stuttgart, etc, etc. Even Slough and Reading). I can go weeks without seeing my lass and home, months between seeing my parents (currently over 1 year since I last had time to visit them) and years between seeing my other brothers and sister.

    I work effing hard and through my services companies can make/save a large amount of money (over 50million per annum for a certain telecoms company last year). I, and others like me, are "wealth generators". We generate far more money for the economy than we are paid, and many people are directly employed thanks to our endevours.

    Yes, I chose this life because it does have rewards (3 cars, 2 houses, no mortgage, etc). What do I get for my taxes? Bugger all: I have private health and pension, all my local services are pay as you go (including motorways, roads, garbage, water, gas, etc, etc). (I believe my 11 years in the army means I have done my bit towards the defence bit!)

    Or I could just be a socialist like you and earn minimum wage and stack shelves, take my 5 weeks holiday a year, see all my family and be home by 1730hours every day and happily take thousands of pounds per year from the Treasury in benefits. And contribute nothing to the country except a whining voice demanding "rights" and handouts.

    As for not supporting married couples, that is one of the worst examples of NueArbiet social engineering (and I know the Tories were stupid enough to make the first steps). A family unit is the best way to raise kids. Yes, there are exceptions. A child raised in a strong family is far less likely to have health problems, less likely to become a criminal or require special education. i.e. is less likely to be a drain on the State. Why not support it?

    As for house owners I agree, they should not get any special relief, but then neither should they be penalised for making paper profits on an asset they cannot liquidate.

    If Brown spent the taxes on delivering a decent system (e.g. Norway or Sweden) then it could be argued that it was money well spent. However most of it is wasted and goes on simply employing people in non-jobs with massive pension liabilities (who all vote Liarbour).
  12. Obviously the Guardian is going to give an impartial view of Labour taxation isn't it Sven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. But the Torygraph agreed !!
  14. At least the Torygraph did put partial blame on the Tories!!
    Asking the Guardian to give an impartial view of Labours Taxation policy over the last 10 years is like asking that lunatic Iranian President to give an impartial view of Israels policy towards the Palestinians!!!!