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15 years jail time for US Marine

Just breaking now.

US Marine sentenced to 15 years for murder in Iraq

See here


Book Reviewer
Fiar play if they did it
Strange that. The powers that be must have realised "We can't cover this one up guys, make an example of them".

But what's this?

Cpl Trent Thomas: Guilty of conspiracy to murder, kidnapping; demoted, dishonourably discharged
L Cpl Jerry Shumate: Guilty of aggravated assault and conspiracy to obstruct justice; 21 months in prison, demoted
Pte John Jodka: Guilty of aggravated assault and conspiracy to obstruct justice; 18 months in prison, demoted.

Conspiracy to obstruct justice seems to be far more serious than conspiracy to murder - is that right?
If he was guilty, fair and just. If he and the others were selected to be duty scapegoat, then poor show all round.

I'm waiting out for the follow up autobiography and film until I make judgement.



Over the top drivel removed. Comment on the story if you want but don't judge the whole of the US by the actions of this individual.

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