15 year old stabbed at school

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Minxy, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. Apologise if this is a repeat:

    What the hell is happening in our Schools?

    Girl Stabbed by fellow pupil

  2. Scary stuff.
  3. "Collingwood headteacher Jerry Oddie said the college was shocked and appalled by what had happened.

    "Natasha has had occasional problems with relationship difficulties with other students at various times in her career and we have worked with her family to resolve those on a regular basis," he told Sky."

    So, he knows a student has been the victim of bullying over an extended period of time...
    ...err, could that mean there is a bullying problem there that has not been got under control...?

    I used to know the man who as the last Headteacher there, till ten years ago. He sorted the place out. Wonder what has happened since?
  4. One would think that her father, Humperdinck Jackman, would be all too familiar with schoolyard bullying.
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  6. Both of my kids were repeatedly bullied at school, on several occasions in the presence of a teacher on schoolyard duty (who chose to turn away and make herself scarce). The school's response (with regard to both, three years apart) was initially that my kids must have been partly to blame. Having pointed out that my kids aren't stupid enough to invite a kicking by 3-5 known thugs (known to the police, not just the people in the neighbourhood) and that teachers would confirm that my kids are/were (one has moved on) two of the best behaved in the school (teachers' comments), the tack became "You have to leave it with us to deal with as the Police have no jurisdiction within the school grounds."

    I did leave it with the school, but only after I'd told the Head that he was talking a load of bo££ocks, schools grounds are subject to the same law as the rest of the land, that I intended to visit the school when the Ofsted inspectors were due (to have a quiet chat with them), and that now that he was fully aware of the situation, any harm coming to the kids would land him in dock on a H&S charge (failure to provide a safe workplace).

    Being able to use bigger words that most of the other parents (and repeatedly pulling the school up about bad grammar and spelling mistakes in letters sent home by the teachers (including him!)) must have made a suitable impression. The kids didn't have any problems afterwards. The school is still $hite but there's no alternative.

    Ofsted are fooled into thinking that the school's improving because the troublemakers are given a day off when the inspectors visit. The pupils that remain are told under threat of extra homework or detentions that they mustn't make any adverse comments about the quality of teaching or conditions within the school. When you look at the Ofsted report, you can't help wondering whether they've actually visited the school.