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Good evening all, long time lurker but first time poster.

I wonder if anyone who is currently serving or recently served with this unit would allow me to PM them with regards to a few questions I have. I have searched these forums, PM'd a few people and contacted the unit at the email address in the TA Recruiting Handbook but so far have received no reply or answer to my queries.

Many thanks.
Thank you for the helpful and quick reply, I shall try that email address. Telephoning is a bit difficult due to work, can I use those numbers outside of normal working hours?
You can try. I have no idea whether they have answerphone or not.
Those are the Correct Numbers. There is an answer machine for non classified messages, there is also a general Email address: 15psyops@gtnet.go.uk

Audrey is the Chief Clerk/office manager and will point you in the right direction.

At the moment anyone connected will be very tight lipped about Psyops until you are cleared through the Group.

Best of Luck


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Worse than bloody useless when enquiring about vacancies not even the common courtesy to acknowledge applications, 'lost' my cv etc etc.....teddy has left the building
Ok....... No reply bearing in mind it is quite late on Thursday afternoon I would Imagine that she is attending a briefing of some sort as she would generally be in the office across normal office working hours. Audrey is very capable and conscientiouss about the common courtesy of a basic reply I feel that your enquiry may have gone forward to an appropriate team member and because we are a very small and busy mixed team of regulars and reservists someone might not be immediately available. I will be ringing tommorrow about a number of things in any case and will let you know via PM what you need to do.

Meanwhile if you wished me to put you in contact with someone else who may be better placed than I am to help initially PM me your contact details, army number, unit etc... (if you are not serving you would need to go through Audrey initially) I could forward them to the appropriate group member.

with Best wishes


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