15% off True MRP – Don’t miss out! [latest news]

[align=center]15% off MP MAX® True MRP[/align]
[align=center]The Ultimate Meal Replacement[/align]
We're offering you a fantastic 15% discount on MP MAX® True MRP, the ultimate meal replacement formula! Designed to provide you with vital nutrients in one convenient shake, it is jam-packed with muscle-building ingredients. True MRP contains a massive 40g of protein, over 30g of carbohydrates sourced from low GI Oats and Barley, a serving of healthy Essential Fats and a full spectrum of Vitamins & Minerals that will help you increase your size and strength. Don’t miss out on this great offer, buy MP MAX® True MRP now and get 15% off!

Sizes: 20 Sachets
Offer price: £16.99 (RRP £19.99)

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*Offer ends 9am Thursday 1st July 2010 or while promo stocks last, whichever is sooner.

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