15 October 2010: 50th French soldier KIA in Afghanistan

A French WO1, a combat medic belonging to the 126th Infantry Regiment has died of his wounds in a French hospital in Kabul this morning, Friday 15th of October 2010. He had been hit yesterday by direct fire during a TIC in RC-E during which another French Corporal, also a medical specialist, has been seriously WIA. He his the 50th French soldier to die in Afghanistan.


In French only so far.

Un militaire français tué en Afghanistan - LeMonde.fr
RIP - Respect to our french brothers in arms for their bravery and sacrifice.


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Thibault Miloche - aged 39 from the Correze. Married, two children.


' La route est dure, mais je suis fort
Mon Ame est sur, la peur est mort '

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