15 Moroccan teens get Rabies off Donkey

Racist, you mean 15 aspiring doctors, right?
Getting rabies off your "girlfriend" what a pain in the ass,
I blame the donkey, the slut, obviously wore provocative clothes and lead the poor young lads on. Stone it.
I think the Moroccans need to use 'the Bill Clinton strategy' to cover their shame and insist that they did not have a sexual relationship with the donkey.

Giving the donkey a blow job does not count as having sex...

I'm sure if they use that excuse they'll be fine and it'll soon be forgotten....

Mind you..... maybe this wasn't consensual donkey sex... maybe the donkey was on the pull..
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Oh I see, the lads get treatment and the poor donkey get nothing.

Typical male chauvinist county, it's always the girls fault. I bet that the donkey also gets charged will sex outside marriage.
Poor donkey happily dying of rabies gets gang raped by 15 raving perverts.now the poor sod is going to get a twelve bore to the head and most probably feed to some mugg tourist.
Bed rest and plenty of water should see them right.

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