15 Field Support Squadron - 38 Regiment

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Young Blood, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. Just been told my new posting which is 15 Squadron, from what I understand this is 38 I think. Has anyone got any experience on being posted to NI? Whats it like?

  2. green & wet mostly. ;-)
  3. Not being a SAPPER but being attached (15 Fld Pk Sqn fitter section) to 38 in Ripon in the 90's it was a very good Squadron, went on a few tours with them. Hard working and very busy but always great on the p*ss, just remember to take a dress with you as part as the kit list.
  4. Antrims a shithole, NI is a shithole, Belfast is a shithole etc etc
    Its arse expect to be treated worse than a third class citizen
  5. but don't worry about what NI's like when 38 moved 15 Sqn were left behind so your posting's to 21 Regt in Ripon
  6. Y_B if you do get posted to Province enjoy it, i FECKING loved it, so did W-1 & my bairns.