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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ScotsmanRicky, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. While browsing through Bebo I had an idea (which no doubt set off an alarm somewhere) that with loads of people using social networking sites that it would be good to get a coy site set up so that anyone browsing through randomly clcking pictures may come across it or follow it from a link from one of the blokes and decide that its for them.

    Good idea, bad idea, comments?


    (Just put it together last night so still some stuff to add regarding photos and a blog etc)

  2. Ahhhh SR, glad to see you're keeping yourself gamefully employed!

    How is the build up training going? and when do you go to Chilwell?

    Need to organise a Pre-Deployment piss up!
  3. I heard there are loadsa fat chicks over there, so you'll be ok ......ha ha
  4. Good idea mate. I will send the link onto everyone on my e-address book and have them spread the word!!!

    Has your c*ck started growing warts yet from the bint you shagged in Chillwell? :p Good horizontal tabbing skills as always mate!! 8)
  5. Are you sure this is a good idea .... a few clicks led me to this

    The Beginning Of The Disaster

    with comments like
    No guesses what your on about
  6. Actualy mate,

    The thing your thinking about happend a few days before the photo was taken and in a different state and the Denver story mentioned refers to kilts, cowboy-hats, fat Texans and a broken escalator, a great story :).

    So good idea or bad?

  7. Good idea but on these pages is there any form of editorial control, i.e. OPSEC and PERSEC issues?

    You forgot to mention the orange shirts the blokes bought after the escalator episode and wore with 'pride' thereafter!
  8. Good to hear that!

    I like the idea but I'm not to sure what CoC will think.
  9. And you forgot to mention the random yank chick I pulled in a taxi, the gatecrashing of a fashion show, some massive black guy asking us if we were in the IRA becuase he was "catholic irish" and gave them money. Pretending to be astronaughts an optional extra.

    Last count it took 55 mins to tell it properly.
  10. I have based all the dates, numbers etc on the page on the 4 Para website rather than on any Gen from the blokes so it should be the party line and I wont have broken any opsec since it is already in the public domain. The blog was trying to keep it sounding like the stuff you read in Pegasus and write about what the guys did rather than whats coming up.

    On the persec issue, with bebo you can set it so that only people who listed as your friend can look at your personal site and seeing as there are lots of young children using the site there are safe guards in place.